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2009 season is coming ..

Started by oignuc, June 25, 2009, 04:50:47 PM

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Quote from: oignuc on October 14, 2009, 07:49:32 PM
don't cry , then I'll start too .

Oh, chin up, Bucko - the time for crying is when its over, and we have one more weekend to go - no crying until 6PM on Sunday.   In the mean time, break out the wool cloaks and I'll see you there!  My only regret is that the cooler temps of our New England weather will lead all the fair wenches to wear more under their bodices and display less of their ... um..charms.   Oh well, I'll make do I'm sure.  ;)

And anyway, afterwards we have 12th Night to look forward too!
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In all honesty, I absolutely love faire and I love the opportunities I have had and the friends I have made this season. But I'm not gonna lie. I'm glad it's coming to an end. I'm getting exhausted from it all. If I kept going much longer I would probably get really wound down from the whole thing. It's time to take a break.

Then come April when auditions start again, I'll be totally pumped for it all over again. LOL
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well don't quote me on this , but next will most likely be 5 weekends ~~~!!! and this would only be the second to last week and the second coldest weekend we will endure . see you all in the morning around 530am -6am .


the Faire ended very quickly this year , it seems like it was over right after it started . the early closing today was depressing  but surprised how many of those die-hards came just buy the items they wanted from past weeks . considering we had had 2 hours of sales , it was actually a good day sale-wise .


Well, I was lucky in the days I volunteered - I was manning the gate on Sunday Oct 11 (which was a wonderful day!),  and I was there yesterday- after all the weather reports got me braced for a rainy weekend, Saturday was chilly but dry, and it seemed to be a good crowd - I didn't hear the final numbers, but it was fun being there.  Listening to the rain blasting against my windows this morning, I didn't envy you, Oignuc, or Claira, for being there today.  Based on the weather in the Groton area, I don't think it got above 45 deg, or stopped raining for a moment.   Of course, Oignuc, you had that trailer-booth while poor Claira was in the cast and had to be out in the weather.   She'll probably need a couple of days wrapped in blankets and sipping Thera-flu to recover.

How'd you make out Jayde?  Were you there Sunday?
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yep I was there today. We didn't do so well at all.
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Sunday was pretty bad. It was a disgusting rain that never ended and in all honesty, I could hardly tell who was a patron and all that (cause I don't think I learned all the faces of all the venders) and I only saw four who I knew were definite patrons.

The early close, though a surprise, was honestly a good thing. I was in multiple layers of clothes designed to keep people warm in the cold and I was still freezing. It was also good cause then I could get some school work done. Though I am sooo thankful for the mercenary encampment. I stopped over there for awhile and chilled out by their fire and they also gave me some yummy warm apple cider. I also blasted the heat in the car driving home. That helped as well. I'm all set on the warming up part.

I'm definitely going to miss everyone. I made a ton of new friends among the cast members and among the members here. I met frederic, William of Ware, Jayde, and Capt Robertsgrave Thighbiter. (I never did meet Oignuc cause I was never sure who at the booth it was, lol)

In the end I'm pretty sure it was a good run. We had a day with over 3,000 people, which was nice. And yes frederic, the owners are talking of adding another weekend to the run. Though hopefully it might be the weekend before as opposed to the weekend after. lol.

I'm glad it's over. I need the sleep again. But I know in a few weeks I will be anxious for the auditions to be coming up. The friends I made this year are that amazing.

Now, to go prepare for the halloween party I was invited to. lol
You see this training pin? It could be yours. You could learn all about wenches! And that's a promise! - My friend Mike


it was a sad day today , the tow truck came to the faire grounds and brought my booth home to sleep until faire season starts again .


THAT IS IT ? no one will be talking until June 2010 ?
that is it i'm making a "faire 2010 coming " thread