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how much do you spend on favors?

Started by peggyelizabeth, May 22, 2008, 09:06:43 AM

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how much do you spend on favors? (per favor)

5 (26.3%)
3 (15.8%)
3 (15.8%)
more than $5
2 (10.5%)
I've never bothered to keep track
6 (31.6%)

Total Members Voted: 18


I was thinking about favors the other day & started to wonder how much other people are spending on theirs. Obviously, we all know these are a give-away, but I'm curious about how much money we're all spending on making or buying them.

Feel free to elaborate and be more specific on how much your favors cost.


I know the sculpy I bought to make the major part of my favors cost about 1.30 or so but it also made  about 20 baked pieces.

*does math* I'm thinking probably about 1.50 per favor more or less, could be wrong of course.
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Whistler Fred

My lady likes to make little favors from braided yarn.  Nothing too fancy, but a nice keepsake for our faire friends.
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I've spent waaaaay more than I'd like to admit.  I'm guessing each of my favors come to well over $1 each...  ::)

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Depends on the year ... one year ( a few years ago) I ordered custom favors for a small, select group of friends, and those were about $4 each, I think.

Most years I use supplies I already have, or hit the really good sales at craft-supply shops for the bits and pieces.  It seems my investment tends to be more in time!

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