Author Topic: Trying to put together a community Renaissance Faire. Can anyone help please?  (Read 2272 times)

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Okay. So we had our first community Renaissance Faire at the library last year and it was held inside.
The other day I was walking by the creek that runs along the property. The creek bends and goes up the side of the library and in that bend there are several trees that form a circle. I was looking around at this patch of land thinking how beautiful it would be in the springtime when the grass is greening up and the flowers are blooming and the trees are leafing out. My father told me "If you truly love this, if putting on this faire is your passion, then nurture and make it grow, move it outdoors and get the whole community involved". So that is what I'm doing. This patch of land is grassy, with many trees and the creek. It would be lovely for the event. Were having it the first weekend in April.

Here are some events we have planned so far:

-Masquerade mask making
-Fairy crown making
-Face Painting
-Make-a-wish inside the "faery ring".
-Maypole dancing
-Shakespeare skits(?)
-Renaissance Jewelry Making(?)
-Music - Harp Player(?)

It isn't big yet because it's only our 2nd year doing this. It's going to be on an acre and a half of lond for those that need to know the size before they can help.

So what do you guys think so far? Ideas and suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.


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What area is this being held? Wouldn't happen to be in south FL would it? lol

Anyways, I would look into local dance schools. Go for belly dance schools or perhaps you could find one that teaches Irish or Scottish dancing. Speaking as a belly dancer and a student, my dance school will often dance at local festivals, art walks, etc. just to get our name out there in the community and we subsidize the trip by tips and selling hip scarves and things that jingle at a little booth/tent next to where we perform. Sometimes we even bring a fellow henna artist with us. It's welcomed free PR and advertising for the school and good performing experience for students. It's win-win for everybody :) And who doesn't love gypsy dancers and exotic live music?  ;)

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Sponsors are a great thing.  Maybe local colleges or companies that sell food or drink would like to pitch in for the advertising.  Boy Scout troops may be able to provide volunteer help.  They can earn badges in doing so.

Your local SCA may be able to help or fill the entertainment ranks w/ their ongoing ground combat & village life displays.  Good luck!
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