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Military Weekend (2nd weekend) pictures

Started by reese, May 27, 2008, 10:25:28 PM

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Well we survived the 3 day weekend and have some pictures.  Hope you enjoy them and add to if you have any.

She had a super day, and it shows!

Waiting for Knighting:

This one is for you "Maggie Malone", we missed you this weekend.

I suppose it's obvious who my children are.



Here are some more.  I didn't take as much photos this weekend for some reason...oh yea,  I was videoing (I'm making that a word) instead.  I do know that Spanky, aka Kevin,  took some FABULOUS shots of the black powder demonstration and I desperately hope he got some of the Memorial Day "service", where our Militia and Queens Trumpeter did ceremony on the Rose Stage, and our Yeoman ceremonially turned their partisans to mourn all at 3:00 of the hour.  It was a brief recognition, but it came deeply from the heart.  I was only able to video the Militia and the Trumpeter, but I did try to catch for those that may notice, that the partisans were upright before, and then upside down after.  It's a subtle change, but one that has very deep meaning and knowing our Yeoman was deeply meant. 

Real quick, I do wish to thank all those have and are serving in our Military, whether it's the family holding the home front or the Soldier, Airman, Seaman, Marine, or Coastie, active, National Guard or Reserves past and present, THANK YOU for all you do for all of us. 


OH OH, and our trio in red...I so wish that Raliegh was in this picture since he was all dressed up in red as well.

Can't forget the rearview...

Master James

Nice shots Reese!  Here are some more that Reese took with my camera.  Thanks for being our popperatzi Reese!  Enjoy!
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Your children are absolutely lovely.  By chance do you have a photo you snapped of my family last Sunday.  (Blue & red dress lady, black and red suited lord, red dressed daughter, black dressed heir). 

Much obliged,
Lady Jayne


Lady Jayne, are you the family I gush and drool over?!  If so, I do beg pardon if by some chance I got the drool stains upon your persons.  What a very lovely family!  NOW I know who you are and can at least greet you as if I know you, not just admire you from afar.  I admire your family, you all seem so very close, loving and respectful of each other.  It's very nice to see. 

And thank you for the compliment on my children.  I find them adorable myself, all 3 (my oldest is the young Yeoman), but I'm oh so very biased.   

M.J. Know that I don't mind at all, just remembering I have that extra camara dangling from my neck, that's my only issue.  If you wish for me to do some more, I will try to get more and better pictures. 



Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely complements and photo.  It is one of the best we've had taken at the faire.  The one you took with our camera is wonderful, but alas the camera is at home and I am at the office not being very product today.

I've been ordered by my son to make a suit like your son's.  He got irritated when people called him a pirate (no offense to the pirate types) so I guess more noble Tudor dress is in order for him.  So now I guess I have three new sets of garb to make.

Thank you,
Lady Jayne


Ahhhh what a compliment from your son!!  Margaret Roe Designs made both my son's and daughter's clothes, she's not quite done (it's been a busy spring for her), but they still are fabo!  My talents aren't so good.  I make do, and that's about it. 

Rich reallllly wanted "poofy pants" and blue all over, so "the ladies that like blue will come to him".  Watch out, put your boy in such, and you'll have chick magnet material, be sure that is what you want.  Little girls in the Poppets were asking Rich if he'd be their Prince or Knight, and of course he obliges since he's such the uhhh ladies man.   ::)

The picture I took of you all last year must have been with someone else's camera, I can't find it.  Bummer, oh well, I did get one this year. 


Feline Groovy

Nice shot of Kevin showing off his ankles!  (I'm not sure I want to know details about the other two pics of him!    :o  )   ;)
Where was I going and how do I get there?


UMMMMMMMMMM He was doing "sexy" poses  ;D showing ankles, knees, and um, bosom.  Unfortunatly he did it Fat Bastard style, gag, not so sexy.  *snort*


Tim T

Thanks Master James and Reese!

You got some great shots of the whole family.  We don't seem to get many of those.  Half the time, I don't even show up at all in the pics.  I'm usually the one behind the camera.

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Benedict Browne

Thanks fro the great pics.  I hope you don't mind but I snagged the one with me for my website since I needed to update it with a new pic of the new uniform for this year.

Thanks again,


(aka Sgt. Trumpeter)
Scott McD.

(Master Benedict Browne - Sgt. Trumpeter)


No problem Scott, I have a few more of you somewhere.  I  haven't taken the time this week to really go through and transfer to disk, other priorities get in the way and exaustion hit me hard this week. 

Besides, we still have 3 more weekends to do, so I'm sure I'll get more. 

Tim, I have a good one of your family here, another lovely family to be had!  Are you all coming out this weekend?  I still want to make that fan for your girl, as every young lady ought to have to stay cool.: