Author Topic: tips on getting tips?  (Read 3702 times)

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Re: tips on getting tips?
« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2010, 02:36:02 PM »
 I came up with a song on Friday PM! It worked well- it was short and sweet- an itty bitty, nitty gritty, witty ,pretty, kitty, ditty.
 To the music of "Don't Pet The Dog"- Stolen from the Bedlam bards.
* Please Feed the kitty!
 He's hungry and cat food is good!
Please drop in a bill and fill up his till,
 and he'll purrr for you just like he should! Purr* Purrr!*
 I have a little kitty purse with "Feed the Kitty" on it. The kitty's name is TIP- of course. I purrr when a tip is dropped in!
 The kids loved it!
 Thanks for the help and ideas! I got tips!!! Huzzah!
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