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Online Fabric Stores

Started by PrincessSara, May 16, 2008, 08:52:54 PM

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This place is getting started.  If you are local to Richmond, VA it would be easier to drive there.  IT is well worth a trip for $5 silk and $3 shorts.  I've brought entire male outfits (silk and other) for under $20 (and I'm an extra large).  Here is the info.  Yesterday he estimated about 4000 yards of remnants

The store is not changing locations; they are simply taking over the entire space in their building and will still be conveniently located just steps from Carytown at 106 S. Robinson Street.   With the additional 3,000 SF of retail space U-Fab will triple the size of their $2.99/yd remnant room and triple their inventory of silk, drapery and upholstery fabrics, most of which run less than $9.99/yd.  In addition to home d├ęcor fabrics U-Fab will also introduce products for quilting, crafting and apparel fabric. U-Fab also has a full service upholstery shop which offers customers the option to either re-cover their existing furniture or design original furniture pieces.

iain robb

Quote from: Pascal on July 14, 2009, 03:12:52 PM
Fleece does make a really nice looking cloak -- the only problem is that it'll be stretchy.  Be sure you'll be okay with this.  It'll also get really soggy and heavy if it rains -- fleece takes some time to dry out.

Not to hijack the thread, but Nikwax makes a product called Polar Proof that is a wash-in waterproofing for fleece. I have some that I'm going to use soon on the fleece Inverness capes I made for my wife and I, now that I've completed hers. So while I don't have personal experience with it (yet), I have been pleased with other Nikwax products for cleaning and waterproofing boots.


I've been using Polar Proof for years.  It's great for making light showers roll off the fleece, but unless you have a laminated fleece with a decent wind/water resistant layer in the middle, it's never going to be waterproof.  It isn't intended to make fleece waterproof, after all...

iain robb

Yes, my mistake. Water-resistant is the correct term. Sorry about that.


This site was new to me, but recommended by the folks on Pattern Review: Belraf Fabrics  Looks like some unusual pieces at fairly decent prices. Free swatching.


I found a site that was posted here THREE YEARS AGO! Got two 3+ yard remnants at $9.98 each, and shipping was less than $5 flat rate.  Check them out!


I hope it is appropriate to post here just as a heads up- I am a source for specialty fabrics and will soon be online.  I have an LLC and have imported a few fabrics, I plan to have a website under construction within a few weeks. 

I have some exceptionally rare handwoven silk brocades, with very luminous and shiny designs worked in metal threads that won't discolor.  They are just stunning when worn out in the sunshine!  I do a lot of research on medieval and renaissance motifs to choose appropriate designs.  Retail prices will range from $35-$65 a meter, and minimum order of 1 meter. 

I can get custom designs, such as recreations of brocade seen in a portrait, with a minimum order of 30 meters. 

I have some limited quantities now, and can get new designs over the rest of summer and fall.  Handwoven silk adds another layer of authenticity to your garb.  I am so excited about the fabrics I've found! 

The future website will be   Send me a message if you would like to receive photos of the designs I have in stock.


Can't wait to see your website and stock!

Rowan MacD

  I'm looking for a solid color, royal blue, cotton or cotton blend mid-weight fabric for the next garb project, which will be another MA dress/bodice.
   What do you ladies recommend? twill, poly blend?   I cant' find anything at Joannes or Hancocks' so far...
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Fabrics Fashion Club - FFC- is the same one that owns Denver Fabrics (bought them out years ago.  2008, maybe?) and a couple other online fabric stores.  It's hit and miss with them.  If you don't care about fabric content, it's fine.  If you do, don't buy.  Ever.   They (Denver Fabrics - basically, FFC bought the domain name) are the ones that told me the fabric I was buying was 100% pure wool.  It turned out to not even have wool in it in one of the fabrics I bought.  The other might have some wool but it's hardly 100%. 

I know of other similar stories.  Linen that was actually rayon, the wrong color being sent, ect.  Stick to, fabricguru, and the other not FFC owned fabric stores.


I bookmarked some of the stores. I have to make a time to browse those this weekend.