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Pub Night - Twin Cities!

Started by DeadBishop, May 09, 2008, 12:40:51 AM

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Alrighty....figured I better get the most important thread in the Minnesota section back up and running.

So....who's up for Merlin's this Friday night?   ;D

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Yes...  Rune and I will be there.   I know  :o
Toar and Syn are in too I believe.  Although I don't think they've made it to the life raft yet.


Someone light some flares and get our Minnesota people over here!

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I'm there! I'm there! I'm there!


Well DB if you're going to Merlins tonight, we can hide their scotch and ale till they do register...  Or we can make them sit in Corky's section.  Same difference.


Don't think I'm going to make it to Merlin's tonight... Have fun everyone!!  :)
A Captains Wench

It's always Beer:30 here....

*sigh* So many kilts, so little time......



This is my angry face. I have it is because I scheduled another activity (roleplaying) over pub night.

WELL GRR. I will miss ya all, and my dose of shepherds pie!


Have fun all!

Lady Cristina

Dang it, I work tonight.  Have fun!


Boo...I work a 12 hour shift tonight, no way for me to go.   :(

Lady Rae

 :-\  I wish could, but not tonight.

Oh well....hopefully next time....I am developing a love for Merlin's Rest!

Random Girl

I will see if Tanner is up for it. in the world are you guys adding pictures...seriously!
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The girl is having her friends over for her birthday party.

(Lord, help me!)

I will probably need a drink, hoist one for me, will ya?
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Pucker Up!


I have to say, as much as I like Merlin's I still prefer the Claddagh for large gatherings, as they can accommodate our big group at one table.

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Immm Heeerrreee. Was a fun night last night. You'll have to check my Myspace for my new favorite quote ::)


Quote from: Toarmod on May 10, 2008, 08:52:07 AM
Immm Heeerrreee. Was a fun night last night. You'll have to check my Myspace for my new favorite quote ::) were!

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