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just a little thought train

Started by Lady Christina de Pond, May 18, 2010, 02:42:30 PM

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Lady Christina de Pond

never dreamed something so small could shake up my life
used to stay up to midnight if not later. before her
now i think 11 is as late as i stay up reading.
I used to sleep later too. now 8:30 is a miracle
but i don't complain
i used to go to my room when i was ready now she tells me she's ready for bed.
i used to have a pair of black socks with white stripes across them until one of them didn't make the wash and she found it. now it's mate sits on top of the dryer waiting for it's match i've discovered the fabed monster that eats socks while in the dryer exist she's just a pre wash theif. my sleeping pants had a nice ribbon that tied into a pretty bow now they have become religous from the holes she's put in the ribbon from chewing. my pillow cases now have the corners chewed. none of my stuff used to be chewed. i used to sleep with a blue rabbit now i sleep with a blankie a few toys and a pup who loves to snuggle. she's changed my schedule and left her mark on my life and i think my life is richer. when i come home to her tail wags and when she snuggles in my arms when she follows me around i somehow beleive that my life is richer because she's in it.
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Lady Christina has written a brilliant post here. It reminded me of Coleridge who wrote Kubla Khan under the influence of opium. It is regarded by many as Coleridge's masterpiece. I have read it and would like to recommend it to all my fellow forum members. I hope that Lady Christina will continue to mesmerize us through her stories. In the beginning I found it pretty difficult to comprehend. Finally after reading it for three times I was able to make out the idea conveyed by her.  ;D