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Re: 2010 Season Entertainment
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The Tartan Terrors will be proforming at Sterling's 2nd annual Sterling Celtic Rock Fest sunday Aug. 22 (only) check out the rest of the line up at Empire and click on Sterling Celtic Rock Festival. We love all of the entertainers you have mentioned and all will be welcomed back to Sterling some time in the future.
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Re: 2010 Season Entertainment
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Will do - thanks for the info. It's been 2 years, and I still can't figure out how you got that $20 bill from the guy in the audience into the middle of the apple! ??? Also - I was the guy who came up to you after one of your shows at Sterling, and asked you what you thought of the TV specials where the masked magicians were explaining how all their tricks were done. Jim in Rochester, NY
Thanks for the thought. I must admit I loved my stay at Sterling. So many wonderful people, cast, staff and especially the patrons.
If you are interested I will be appearing at The Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair beginning in mid August and running through the end of October. It is my understanding the Paulo Garbanzo will also be at Pa the year.

If you are in the Sterling area I will also be appearing again this year at the Skaneateles Dickens Festival in Skaneateles, NY every weekend from Thanksgiving to Christmas. It is a fantastic event produced by Scarlett Rat Entertainment, Directed by Jim Greene (Emrys Fleet) and features many of the performers from the Sterling Fair. Join us if you get a chance.
Again thank you for the nice comment and I hope to return to the Sterling Family in the near future.

Isaac Fawlkes

Question for anyone who may know. Certain performers haven't been back for awhile - would like to know why these folks are no longer performing in Sterling:

London Broil - they are terrific
Manolete - Peter is a great entertainer
Wolgemut - loved that music - any requests? No.........
Isaac Fawlkes - loved how he would magish for us
Paolo Garbanzo - great juggling

One of may favorite acts is Tartan Terrors (saw in PA) - they've NEVER been here.

Certainly can't be $$, at $30 a ticket!


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