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Re: A New Look Every Weekend?
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Good topic!

I always try to come up with a character and stick to the same sort of garb for the whole season.  I'll go crazy trying to come up with what I want to do.  But I can never decide on one look.  So it makes me happy to hear that I'm not the only person who wants to be something different every weekend.  I think last year I did upper class, middle class, and noble that were all pretty H/A.  I did wench, gypsy, a dancer type, italian, irish peasant and a celtic/medieval look.  OH and steampunk.

I agree that having  a wide assortment of chemises and skirts is key.  I have also done things like folding in the top of my irish dress and wearing it as an overskirt.  And a reversable bodice is great.  What is also is nice is a kirtle (bodice with skirt attached type kirtle).  You can wear it alone with just a smock under it, or with some simple sleeves.  You can add a doublet.  A simple one for a middle class look or a fancier one for an upper class look.  Add a farthingale.  Different hat and accessories depending on the look.  Also you could make a fitted gown to wear over it.  I think it's another one of those great foundation pieces.

It be fun to see how many different looks you people can come up with a set amount of pieces, adding as many accessories as they want.  Might be a fun thread to start.


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