Author Topic: Clan M'Crack Family Gathering at GLMF - August 14/15  (Read 4589 times)

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Re: Clan M'Crack Family Gathering at GLMF - August 14/15
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Hail and Well Meet, M'Cracks!  Allow me to elaborate on the issue of beverage availability at GLMF...

Thanks to the greed of a few mean-spirited individuals who preside o'er the township of Trumbull, our pubs are indeed closed this season.  That said, however, let it be known that although the pubs are dry, the faire is not ;)  As always, you may go to your carriage at any time throughout the day, and a "don't ask, don't tell" policy is in effect regarding beverages being carried in.  I feel quite safe in letting you know that if you stop to visit us at Maximum Glitter, we can make your mug happy. 

I look forward to meeting all of you next weekend.

Safe journey!

***If anyone has access to Everclear, please send me a message.***
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Re: Clan M'Crack Family Gathering at GLMF - August 14/15
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First annual M'Crack family gathering at GLMF. Everyone, whether a member , petitioner, friend of the clan, friend of a friend, etc. is welcome. We want as many of you as possible to come out and join in on the fun, and to support the faire. Invite anyone and everyone you know, let's make this a closing weekend to remember!

Friday 7:00 pm - til -??? Meet and Greet - Chops Grille & Tap House

Saturday 9:30 am - Tailgate (Look for the Banners)
Saturday 11 am - Faire Gates Open
Saturday 3 pm - at the Stumble Inn - Chieftains Toast and Pinnings
Saturday 8 pm - Group Dinner/Drinks/Party - CHops Grille & Tap House

Sunday 9:30 am - TBA
Sunday 11 am - Faire Gates Open

I would like to say to all those that invited me to visit their booth if my mug should be in distress, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
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