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Re: Enjoying faire while Working at it
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 I was asking for personal examples of what people do when they are at faire and their family or friends show up.  Do they follow them around?  Do they stay in their one spot?  

At least for the preformers at MIRF - that answer is; no they don't follow friends or family around - they stay in their assigned spot.  At MIRF, the entertainment director draws up a grid that covers the faire site.  Preformers and street characters are assigned to be at different squares on that grid at a cetain time.  This ensures that the patrons see "Hollygrove Villiagers" all around the village, and the actors don't end up clumped together.  So, to wander around (without a good excuse) is akin  to leaving your work station.

I am a patron of MIRF.  My friends Debbie and Tracy work on cast there.  I stop by to see them, converse in character and then wander away and let them get on with their job.

Hope this helps.  :)
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