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Shout out to the Hair Braiders

Started by annarundel, September 09, 2010, 05:11:34 AM

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I had the pleasure to be able to attend your Fair this past Labor Day Weekend from Tennessee and on Labor Day I decided that since I was leaving the fair to catch an airplane get in late to TN and have to get up to work early the next morning I would have my hair braided and not have to worry about doing it Tuesday morning.

Well here it is Thursday morning and my hair still looks as good as it did on Monday when I first had it done.  I have had my hair braided at many fairs but have never had my hair last this long and look this great.  You can not believe all the compliments I got at work and how many people studied my hair trying to figure out how it was done (I had the five braid circle done).

So if anyone is wanting to get their hair braided I highly recommend the group at your Fair!  They were great!

Also, thanks for a great time.  My husband and I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the fair and had a great time and are thinking already about coming up again next year!!!

Huzzaahh! to all of you that help make this fair so grand and to all we had the pleasure to meet!!!



I share camping space with one of the braiders. I'll be sure to pass on the compliment.


My fiance gets her hair braided every year at the kiosk near Legend Stage.  She volunteers at the MN Opera Annual Fundraising Gala in the evening, so she needs a more formal hairdo.

She looks unbelieveably GORGEOUS when they are done with her.  No small feat considering how beautiful she is inside and out.


My wife and daughters go straight to the braiders as soon as we get in after opening gate show. Otherwise there is a waiting list. Very talented people.
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