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Thoughts and Hopes

Started by Alphonse, June 08, 2008, 09:42:15 PM

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Oh Prodigal Son!

Long since the days of your youth,
have I labored tirelessly to teach you the merits of honesty and truth.

That the greatest treasure in this life,being love,
as well as the idea that there is a creator to be found above.

Oh Prodigal Son! you know not what it is that you have done.

You have filled your days with revelry,my words you would not heed.
The jig is up, the tune too short, you turn to me in need.

Your last desperate hope that I may keep the wolves at bay,
but any hope of that from me was gone, when from my love and council you did turn away.

Oh Prodigal Son!

Know now that my sorrow at your fate is even greater then your fear,
vexed at myself that I could not speak the words that you might heed and hear.

For I know better then you, what you will likely soon face,
and can now only hope and pray that one day yet, you might return to me whole, and join me in this peaceful place.

Oh Prodigal Son! you know not what it is that you have done.


That is truly have the gift of verse....
PR ~Faire Daughter~


Thank you, I am not sure if it is art or not, but it was what was on my mind. I had thought about possibly sharing it with my Father on this Father's day, but decided against it.I figure that he would look on something like this as an gesture of morbid self pity. That is not the case though, rather it was my attempt to face some issues in my life, in doing so I garnered a good nights sleep, which is something that often alludes me. I chose to post these thoughts and share them with other's in the hope that it might possibly help some one from sharing in a similar fate.I will likely be spending my Father's day at visitation at the county jail, talking to my step son about what to expect should he end up going to prison.

Lady Nicolette

Well put, Alphonse, and in verse, as well.  Unfortunately although we all wish we could impart the wisdom learned in our longer lives than those of our children, many must yet come to their own conclusions, making their own mistakes and successes in their own time.  With luck, your stepson will realize that he's made a grave mistake and will learn not to misstep in this way in the future.  He's lucky to have someone like you who is willing to be truthful with him about what may lie ahead and let him suffer whatever consequences there may be for his choices at this point.  You have done what you can, the rest is up to him.
"Into every rain a little life must fall." ~ Tom Rapp~Pearls Before Swine



I empathize with you; I have no kids of me own but I mentor a young lad who I've been a buddy to since he was six years old.  He's fifteen now and I can't help but wonder what sort of effect I might or might not be having on his life.  He's from the 'hood but I can tell he is struggling to fight his way out to a better life.  My wife keeps telling me that I may not ever see the difference I have made but that doesn't help any with the day to day stuff, as I am sure you know.  In the end, all you can do is be there for him and keep the lines open.  Wishing you, and your stepson, the best of all things,

"It's not the gold that sets our sails, 'tis freedom and the promise of a better life that raises our black flags."

Lady Christina de Pond

i think we all wonder what impact we have on the younger generation
me myself i've always knew that my young cousins who are twins I was always thier favorite cousin growing up. Everything i did they wanted to do i was carefull even in high school about what i did or didn't do because i knew they were watching me. They both graduated from high school this spring.  Ones going to be a nurse and one is headed to the university of Ga this fall. Growing up they have always known that i loved them and they know that i still love them and accept the choices they made.
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You may have hit the peg squarely on that last thought, m'Lady - sometimes all we can give them is unconditional love, tough love though it may have to be.  My youngest brother is a recovering alcoholic who tried to kill himself three times before he finally came back into the light.  He once told me that he really wished someone, at some point, would have said "no."  It is so hard to say that one little word at times!
"It's not the gold that sets our sails, 'tis freedom and the promise of a better life that raises our black flags."


Thank you Blackbead, you are right in that all we can do is love them and be there for them and allow them to make their own mistakes and find their own way.Doing so can be a heart rending experience,but that is part and parcel of being a parent.It has been that way to some degree for all parents as far back as mankind has been able to record their thoughts for the next generations to find.Hopefully my son will learn from this experience and when he is through will be more inclined to listen to what I wish to teach him about how best to live his life. So long as there is life, there is hope.