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Started by Lady Christina de Pond, May 17, 2010, 09:57:11 AM

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Lady Christina de Pond

i startd this story else where but thought some of you might enjoy reading it here as well so i give you Drawn

"It's over Lacey"
" but Dart"
" i hate that nic name i always have Lace"
" fine Dartagnan i never understood why your mother named you after him anyway"
" he was a fine man and served proudly you forget he's also my grandfather"
" whatever are you sure you didn't wish to see my father? "
" no Lacey thats it we are done i have come to realize that i don't wish to court you right now i have more pressing matters"
" it's someone new isn't it?" whined Lacey
" if it makes you feel better yes."
" who is she?" fumed Lacey
" I don't know"
" actually if i did know her name it wouldn't be your concern since we are offically no longer courting" spoke Dartagnan as he strolled out of the villa

In truth he didn't know her name only her face. he had ran into her in the Market Square she was shopping and ordering a small band of servants her locks of brown curls flounced as she turned her head overseeing this or that she indeed had a grace about her and the servants didn't seem to fear her but respect her. her eyes radiated kindness and he stopped to watch her. Yes there was no doubt in his mind she wasn't like any of the other ladies he'd ever courted infact Lacey was conceited and very rough with the servants so had several of the girls he had courted in the past.
the truth was she vanished before he could ask what her name was or have one of the servants introduce him so Dartagnan had no idea to what her name was or where she lived only that she existed
he wondered if she was being courted but doubted it because with a girl like her servants wouldn't be the only thing accompanying her to the market if he was courting her. Dartagnan would send guards as well he would make sure she was well protected.
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Lady Christina de Pond

Elizabeth stood on her balcony trying to collect her thoughts. had he seen her? where had he come from? He was handsome as the dreams he had the composure of a musketeer but he couldn't be a musketeer they had been disbanned two years after she was born. so who was he? Elizabeth didn't know but she figured that a man like him would never notice her after all he could probley court any girl at court he wished.
Nina flounced out onto the balcony
" there you are Elizabeth you returned quickly"
" we were done"
" yes but this is a new place for you i figured you would like to explore some"
" maybe next time. Maybe you can go with me next time Nina"
" maybe it just seems like the same ol village to me"
" but you were raised here"
" i know if you want i'll go with you next time" assured Nina
" thank you Nina"
" don't forget we are going to visit Victoria tomorrow it should be a fun afternoon"
" ohh yes i haven't seen her since i was a child"
" yes to think you've been so far away from court all these years come cousin i dare say it's time for dinner" coaxed Nina leading Elizabeth away to dinner
Helmswoman of the Fiesty Lady
Lady Ashley of De Coals
Militissa in the Frati della Beata Gloriosa Vergine Mari


I have the feeling that Lady Christina has got real talent. I personally feel that she should take writing seriously. I am sure that she will succeed. I really enjoyed the first story. In that she has brilliantly succeeded in conveying Lacey's distress when she comes to know that D'Artagnan has got another lover. I am of the view that the second story is not up to the mark though I liked Christina's portrayal of Elizabeth and her thoughts about D'Artagnan.