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Michigan M'Cracks

Started by Ladyfair, December 23, 2010, 03:44:49 PM

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Lairde Guardn

What she said.....(points to Shutterin's post)......
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Yeah what they said .... George you word things so well.

I will post links to hotels and campgrounds in next thread.... 
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I would like to announce our Cruise Dierctor ......

Welcome Paula....  she can be reached here on the RF board more data coming in next few days ....

We would like to ask all Pets to please make arraingements to attend our 1st family gathering.... now we just have to decide on a place, it looks like we have two choices and both are only 5 to 10 min drive apart.  I will go visit the Clarkston Hamlin's to see if they can handle a large group, and I will also check with on Hall rd.  Max and Kate and a few others visited the Novi location and gave that a thumbs up but I guess I should make sure of how many people each location can set aside for us. 
If anyone has a thought on anywhere else along the I-75 corridor please let us know.
Lady Penny Clan Sutcliff - MI Chieftess
2013 Penny family Gathering Sept 7-8
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I would like to know attendees so I know what to tell the restaurant we choose a head count .....  Can we start the list here? Or would we prefer a separate thread?  Send me message so I can keep this updated.... thanks cruise director...

To start the list....

TJ aka Lairde Guardn MCrack  
Julia aka Peddlin
LadyHawkeontheHill aka  Shutterin' M'Crack
Gentleman Jym
Wolf'n and Massage'n
Rivet'n and Whos'n
Ladyfair aka Lady'n M'Crack
Dave aka Chain'n M'Crack
Nailin M'Crack
Peepin M'Crack
Treason M'Crack
Freak M'Crack

Pumpernickel M'Crack
In M'crack
Out M'Crack
Tyra M'Crack
Graybeard M'Crack
Munch'n M'Crack
Tickle M'crack
Flapp'n M'Crack
Grizzly M'Crack
Dawn'n M'Crack
Bead'n M'Crack
Tending M'Crack
Shrubbs M'Crack
Spackl'n M'Crack
Check'n M'Crack
Pierce M'Crack
Dragon M'Crack
Kilt M'Crack
Piper M'Crack
Key'n M'Crack
Curlin M'Crack
Snorin M'Crack
Lil bear'n M'Crack
Bigstick'n M'Crack
Fromage M'Crack
Brew'n M'Crack
Jackyl M'Crack
Smoke'n M'Crack

Can I get as head count now for friday night now that is closing in on the dates?  The LARGE LIST of PETS can you guys confirm with me?                                                                                  
Lady Penny Clan Sutcliff - MI Chieftess
2013 Penny family Gathering Sept 7-8
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ACCOMADATIONS - I will update on any further discounts I can get for these once we know how many rooms we will be needing/using.
Camping at Holly Rec State Park is best choice for the area and has the most activities in one place.....boating, fishing, beaches, campfires, pets allowed, RVs, campers/trailer's, tents, electric, hot showers, day activities for kids......close to faire and I-75 corridor

As far as hotels anything along the I-75 corridor is recommend, the hotels that are listed on the Michigan Ren website or on the faires FB book site are best choices because they list package prices for faire and if we can get room count .. hopefully maybe we can block rooms for us at a better price?  Is there a chain preference...IE .... like best western's or holidays inn's?
Lady Penny Clan Sutcliff - MI Chieftess
2013 Penny family Gathering Sept 7-8
Ren Vet
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Seriously, everyone has their own way of enjoying faire.  If this isn't for you, don't join them.   

I put a sticky on it.  I was asked to do this so that people planning to attend the invasion will be able to find the info easier.  After the invasion is over.  I will un-sticky it. 

max and kate

Add Wolf'n and Massage'n
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Add Rivet'n and Whos'n. Also great post Lady Hawke. Another good hotel near faire is the Comfort inn in Grand Blanc
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Rivet'n Penny


Comfort Inn IS M'Crack central hotel

(MI319) 9040 Holly Road, Grand Blanc, MI, US, 48439
(810) 694-0000
Fax: (810) 694-0155

2nd choice for accomodation:
Holly Crossing B&B  (shuttle available to and from faire)  an awesome B&B  in Holly very close to faire and tons of shops and resturants and walking distance to the Blackthorn Pub for family gathering.

Holiday Inn express is sold out for friday night but still has rooms for sat and sun nights.(shuttle service to and from faire avaiable)  friday night only 9 rooms left but are suites and $$$.
Lady Penny Clan Sutcliff - MI Chieftess
2013 Penny family Gathering Sept 7-8
Ren Vet
IWG Wench #3523

Lady Deborah

This sounds like fun to me.  Being MRF regulars who travel from Indiana every weekend of faire, we too have a naughty and nice list of hotels in the area.  We have simple standards for hotels during the faire: clean and safe.  There are many that don't make the grade, and two in the Flint area that exceed our simple standards by a lot.  Unfortunately one of our hotels fell off the clean/safe list last year during faire, when we returned there on Saturday night to find it on fire.  Message me if you need any recommendations from well seasoned travelers.


I've stayed at the Holiday Inn next to the Farmer's Market in Flint and it was reasonable, clean and very comfy. I can't say enough good things about the produce I've gotten at the Flint Farmer's Market. They have cantaloupes that taste like candy they're so tasty!
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Paula was the one who carried around around Harry... he lived with her for a 

tiny hair....

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2013 Penny family Gathering Sept 7-8
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Lairde Guardn

Quote from: Captain Cornelius Howard Duckman on June 07, 2011, 11:25:25 AM
Isn't it good enough to just all be Rennies? Shameful.

Capt.....have you bothered reading any of the posts in response to your own.....Do you know any of us, or know anything about our group?     If you would read the posts, we have people that do what other groups do not.....Schedule a Meet and Greet (Open to everyone) on the Friday Evening before faire.......Check out the Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and such we plan to use, so that we can get the best place for the best rates and still be in a safe area.....Check out the food in the restaurants to see if it is good and put them on the list for our out-of-towners to know the best place to go for the money.... These are things you can not get from the generic faire web page or from most other groups.    And since we have so many members that travel to many different faires, it is nice to know that at least someone you ""know"" will be at the faire, yet may have never met that person before.     We call ourself a Clan....but we see ourselves as a family......

As the Clan M'Crack moves into a faire and gets ready to open a chapter, we find a local  that is willing to lead the family and to set up the "Gathering" that we have at each of our faires.  We pretty much have the same schedule at every faire we have a chapter.    Friday Nite - Meet and Greet (place to meet those you do not know and socialize with those you may have met before or do know, usually at a pub or restaurante with good inexpensive foor so that those that are driving in can get something to eat)  M'Crack Central Hotel or Motel (Motel that has been found to be clean and inexpensive for the area and you can feel safe in the area it is located, also usually has a cheaper rate if you tell them your with Clan M'Crack).  Saturday Morning Tailgate or Breakfast (depending on faire we either meet in the parking lot or a local restaurant to have breakfast before faire) (when tailgate, usually a pot luck breakfast).  Chieftains Toast (3 PM in the pub selected) (the only time a member really has to be anywhere...this is when all new petitioners get pinned, announcements are made on weekend events and upcoming faires, and we have a toast to the family M'Crack and take a group picture) (the toast is also the same time at every other faire no matter what faire you are at ....members know that at 3 pm, if you go to the pub if any other members of the Clan M'Crack are at that faire...they will be in the pub also)  Saturday nite dinner (just that a restaurant selected for those from out of town to meet with the locals and sit and have dinner and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere)

Sunday is usually a repeat of Saturday......

And get this, you don't even have to join the group.....We have members and yes we have petitioners, but we also have what we call FoCM's  or Friends of Clan M'Crack....And you know who they are...any other rennie, rfer, scadian, rouge, wench....etc...etc...that takes the time to get to know us, talk with us, have a drink with us....etc...etc....   And still get the benefit of the "M'Crack Gathering" posts on the different forums we put it on.     That is why we take the time to post this list on the RF forum, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, EverFaire, etc, etc, that if you need it, the information is out there.

I find it shameful that you have the time to judge yet I don't see you out there posting all the information needed for the out of towners to know what and where to go when they come to your home faire or to make them feel welcome when they come there for the first time.  If you really were thinking about the unity of all rennies, you would have been doing this for years and not had to wait for our Clan to show up to have it done.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.....

Remember our one and only rule.....Have fun...
Lairde Guard'n
Lairde Highe Chieftain Emeritus
Irish Penny Brigade
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Landshark, Bard, DG, RFC
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Celtic Lady

Well said, Lairde Guardn.