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accurate boots?

Started by animus_divinus, December 24, 2010, 11:54:24 AM

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does anyone know what type of boots a medieval knight would typically wear?.. im having a hard time finding some that are period accurate, and not part of fantasy


im not talking about armor boots.. just regular leather boots... it seems to be the tall leather boot with the top curled down, almost like a pirate boot but they dont go below the knee, typically warn completely extended i guess.. trying to find some of these that some company hasnt ruined the design of by adding plastic soles or zippers


im also looking for something that can hold a spur for horses


15th Century riding boot, as seen in the manuscript illustrations of King Rene' of Anjou's Tournament book and 'Book of Love'.


well then, it looks like the thigh high leather boots i find wouldnt be too far off at all, if i can find a pair that uses laces instead of zippers, and a more period accurate sole, but considering i can do some shoe and boot work i would be able to replace the plastic sole myself with hard leather... and the spurs basically just strap on over the boot

what will be nice is that i do a lot of outdoor activities as well, and ill be wearing such boots regularly, so theyll allow me to step in a considerable depth of mud too :D