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A store on Apache Junction

Started by Dance_Dance, December 27, 2010, 09:59:16 PM

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Hey, this is a shot in the dark and I'm hoping someone can answer before tomorrow morning, but my mom told me of a ren store near Phoenix, somewhere on Apache Junction.  Only, she can't remember precisely where it is nor what it's called.  My sister and I want to make a trip out to it but don't want to drive four hours round trip to search for something that we can't find.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about and, if so, could you please tell me the name of the place?  I'll be able to find it on Google Maps from there.

Thank you, :)


Was it Stillman Blades?  If so it seems like it closed up shop a year or so ago:


I hope not... My mom says she remembers the words "medieval," "knights" and "damsels" in the title - or maybe that was part of the discription.  She thinks it on Main/Apache Trail. 

Marcos Charron


The only thing in that area with knights and damsels in the title is Castle Boutique. It's not a ren store, its a porn store, and i would think twice about taking Mom with you.

At the faire or in the wood shop, that's where I am!


Well, with my sister, anyway. ;)  (jk)

Our mom found a ren store in Tucson, our town, but even though it's still listed on the internet and the big sign for it is still up, it's no longer there.  They were bought by the - or turned into, not sure which way it's supposed to be - and are now only online.  I'm figuring that's what happened to the one I'm searching for, as well.  Disappointing, but understandable.  It's got to be extremely hard to keep a "brick and motar" ren store because while there are plenty of us out there, there's not really that many in one concentrated area.  Surely not enough to keep a business going.

Thank you, guys, for your help.  It was a fun, if fruitless, adventure.  :)

Marcos Charron


What are you looking for?.

The people here might be able to help.

At the faire or in the wood shop, that's where I am!


As I said, I was looking for a "brick and motar" store (or a physical store, if you will) that's supposed to be somewhere in the Mesa/Apache Junction area.  I don't know the name of it, although my mom thinks there was either "knights," "damsels" or "medieval" in the name - or a combination of those words.  I was hoping that someone would know of it and be able to help with the name and address, so I could look up directions.  However, I can't find it online - I even looked in the Yellow Pages, just a list of every store in Mesa, Apache Junction, and Pheonix, and couldn't find anything close to it (aside from a porn shop and I was already warned against that thanks to you).  I wasn't looking for anything in preticular from the store, I just wanted to visit and possibly buy something.  However, as stated before, I think the store no longer exists.