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Time to get excited about the 2011 season

Started by Hausfrau Monica, April 23, 2011, 09:40:55 AM

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Raven & I will be at Pirates, of course! See you there!!!

Aelynn of Georgina

My entire brood will be there, rain or shine!  All of us sporting new garb! ;D 

As of this morning they are calling for t-storms, but we are all going to think positive and envision beautiful weather - sunny, but not to hot and NO humidity!
Come on now, everyone do it with me....

Can't wait to see everyone!

Hausfrau Monica

Thinking positive thoughts.....can't wait to be there.  We are pulling out the garb box later to get everything ready since I work tomorrow and will want to leave as early as possible on Sunday morning. 


It was very close but I managed to make it to the Pirate Festival on Monday.  The main factor was my handler and he was all good to go.  Also aside from my handler I wasn't alone.  I managed to bring along my little buddy Dougal with me.  Yes I've told him about the Pirate Festival and wouldn't hear the end of it if we didn't go.  He may have bigger fangs than me but he's harmless.  Though he can be a little trouble maker when I'm not looking.  Hopefully he didn't cause too much trouble.  Fortunately he managed to score a bag of some very nice kettle corn.

Hausfrau Monica

I have quit my job so we should be good to go to Waterloo this year...and with new garb to arrive any day now....wooohooo!  Oooops!   I should say....Huzzah!!!