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mmrf questions

Started by jackrocks, June 11, 2011, 08:25:15 AM

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Still trying to get the hang of this site, and I posted my questions in the wrong spot, so Im trying again:) lol

Ive checked out the website for the mmrf, and dont specifically see anything that says "patrons welcome to dress up" or somesuch like the website for the faire in Holly Im asking those who've gone before, is this a faire where it is expected the patrons dress up? Im excited to go since the price is much more doable for my family than the one in Holly is. Its just that if I get my family (including two teenagers) to dress up and we go and are the only ones who did, then, well, it would likely not turn out to be a fun day at all. Sorry if that seems like a stupid question but I havent ever been to faire before and I honestly dont know.

Im also wondering if anyone here has gone to the Pirate Festival in Grand Haven, MI? It looks like fun and it appears to be free, but Im not sure, again, if that is a dressing up occasion or not.

For those who've been to either of these, are these events good for families? My kids are 9, 11, 13, and 15 and what we're looking for this summer is some different family fun for us, that isnt terribly high cost. If it were up to me, we'd just load up the travel trailer and hit a bunch of ren faires:), but Im trying to find events that are fun for all of us, not just me:)

I am excited to go, Ive made meself some pretty, pretty skirts and have no place else to wear them:) lol.....and am still working on convincing the husband that he will look really good in a pirate shirt...bc he really would!! silly him, he thinks he'll just go wearing shorts and a polo shirt.

Captain Cornelius Howard Duckman

Yes, you are more than encouraged to dress up. Garbed patrons are in the majority, at Mid.

Grand Haven is both free and a dressing up occaision.

And yes, definitely family friendly. At mid, be sure to check out my show 'Just Happy to Be here' we're very family friendly.


thanks, this is what I was wanting to know. I had kind of wondered if the lower cost meant there wouldnt be much entertainment there. It sounds like fun! We went out to eat the other night and the placemats had $1 off coupons for the mmrf, woohoo! :) hey, every dollar counts with a family the size of mine.

Can you tell me any more about the pirate festival? what kinds of activities there are there for kids? Ive never been there, but my mom was telling me something about "grand haven tall ships" (?????) I guess coming into the harbour. My kids are all very, very into the POTC movies, and my older son was totally into everything pirate for many years, I just think this looks like a great deal of fun but the website really doesnt explain much about what is going on there.

Thanks again for all the info.

Captain Cornelius Howard Duckman

There ias a lot going on... apparently, all week long they do stuff at the library, and, if i recall, friday nigth their ships sail into the local harbor... a handful of acts and such at the event itself.

Mistress DeGeus

Oh do dress up!  so much more fun and you will be in the best of company.
On the Tall Ships  if like what was in Bay City last summer definately something not to be missed.  The tours of the ships alone are worth the cost and if the Bounty is in the group your kids will be in 7th heaven!  Plus there may be various singing and storytelling groups that perform usually included in the admit price.


I think we will be going to the mmrf, if not today then tomorrow. Ive gotten myself something to wear done, and I really like it, though its surely not HA. I finished a piratey shirt for DH, though he hasnt yet tried it on, revamped a pirate shirt from a couple halloweens ago for my little boy, still need to finish a chemise for my oldest daughter, and a shirt for my oldest boy, and the sulky 13 yr old is reluctantly wearing a store bought peasant skirt and blouse, bc while she may agree to go with me she is NOT going to enjoy herself, bc it is, of course, dumb and lame and whatever (but most of life is just that for the sulky 13 yr old, lol)

when I tried my outfit on to show my daughter, my puppy flipped out and thought I was a stranger in the house, and couldnt figure out how I had gotten in, as she had been faithfully guarding the door:) I guess thats a good thing? lol