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M'Crack Family Gathering July 23 & 24, 2011

Started by Athena, June 12, 2011, 10:20:19 AM

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It's that time! The Clan M'Crack will be gathering at GLMF once again. *Everyone* is welcome to participate! You don't have to be a member, the goal is to have fun! For those coming out of town - the faire will not be serving adult beverages again this year, it's BYOB. Also, the faire is open until 8pm this year, which is why some of the events are at a later time.

Friday, July 22 -
...Meet 'n greet, dinner @ Chops 7:00 pm

***IMPORTANT*** - Because the gathering is so small this year, I DID NOT reserve a room. The restaurant is very busy this time of year and I can't justify reserving a room that holds around 30 people when there are only a handful of confirmed attendees. This may change if I get more confirmations, and if anyone has any questions/concerns, please contact me.

Saurday, July 23

10:30 am - meetup/tailgate in parking lot
11:00 am - gates open
3:00 pm - Chieftain's toast, Stumbull Inn
8:30 pm - dinner, Best Friend's Restaurant

Sunday, July 24

10:45 am - meetup in parking lot
3:00 - Chieftain's toast, Stumbull Inn

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Motel 6 - Geneva
1-90 & ST RT 534
1717 S Broadway
Geneva, OH 44041

Holiday Inn Express Hotel And Suites Ashtabula-Geneva

Hampton Inn Ashtabula
2900 GH Drive  
Austinburg, Ohio, 44010  

Americas Best Value Inn
2352 State Route 45 North
Austinburg, OH

Sleep Inn Austinburg
9350 Center Rd.
Austinburg, OH, US, 44010

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. ~ Chinese Proverb

trevor ylisaari

Looking forward to seeing you all invade our shire again!

max and kate

So the Family Gatherin' be moved back a week from July 16-17. Alas vacation time was set for the 16-17th weekend, we won't be able to make the 23-24th date. We have to schedule time off early in the year and we got the dates on the Everfaire Forums.
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Bummer.  :(

My laptop is out of commission for the time being and I'm having trouble logging on to Everfaire. I'll get the current info up over there and on Facebook when I get the chance. Sorry you guys can't make it, hopefully we'll see you at MIRF and ORF in October.
A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. ~ Chinese Proverb


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Lady de la Warr

Alas we are in the same situation as Max and Kate. We have scheduled the weekend of the 16th and 17th so we will not be at M'Crack weekend this year.

However we are still coming on the 16th and 17th so we hope to see some of the "regulars" there then.

Next year, if we could please not change the date after it's set I think that will help people out a little bit. Especially those of us who have to schedule vacation time early in the year.

Sorry we're going to miss the M'Cracks this year   :'(

Oh and word of warning - stay away from Motel 6. Last year we stayed there and it was filthy, didn't even have the most basic amenities in the room (i.e. tissues, a clock for goodness sakes!, etc.) and it was full of bedbugs. My Lord was eaten up with them to the extent that we decided to leave Sunday night instead of stay the extra night - and we lost $71 for the stay that night because we weren't willing to be a meal for those filthy bugs.

And for the money we were paying to stay there ($71 a night)??? I would expect to at least have a clock in the room. I will never stay there again.


My apologies for the change, when I agreed to it I didn't realize that some folks have to schedule requested days off months in advance.  :-[ Next year we'll keep that in mind and stick to the date that's chosen. Since several of our friends are invading this weekend, I declare it an unofficial family gathering. Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!

Lady de la Warr, thanks for the heads up on Motel 6. Also, I advise folks to think twice before renting any motel rooms in Geneva on the Lake. The prices are steep (average $70-$75), and Motel 6 is a luxury spa compared to some of those establishments. It's also very noisy and congested well into the night because of all the bars in the area.
A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. ~ Chinese Proverb

Quiet One

I won't be able to join you Saturday because of work, but I will be there Sunday!
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It's too bad your experience at Motel 6 was so awful Lady de la Warr.....

I have never had trouble there.  I always request a room on the 2nd floor though.  But it has always been clean, and had everything I needed available.  Never had any issues with bed bugs either, and I check before I unpack.....

Too bad there's not more to choose from if you want to be close to the Faire. 

Be well all :)


We were in Motel 6 as well this weekend with no problems -having stayed there before, I was a bit wary, but performed the advised checks/precautions, and saw no signs.   I also checked and found that the Comfort Inn we used to stay in in Austinburg WAS on the registry, though Motel 6 was not. 

It is a pet friendly hotel, I wouldn't, at the height of the summer, be surprised to find fleas, however no evidence of those critters either.   

It doesn't provide more than soap.  But all that being said, it does have the benefit of being close, having a pool, and within walking (staggering) distance to several places for food/drink after faire.

As we say down here "ya'll have fun now, ya hear"


Aarrggh will have to delay trip to the next weekend.  donna had to have 2 root canals an has an infectin in her jaw ooouuuccchhhh. She is bummed but I told her better to wait a week to be sure everything is okay
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True heirto the Duchy of Savoy
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Carl, that's OK! Donna's health is important and we want her feeling good! We're happy to have both of you in the shire, no matter what weekend it is. see you next week!
A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. ~ Chinese Proverb