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help for a newb?

Started by thinkingreverse, June 14, 2008, 07:53:16 PM

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I've been in love with the the faire for quite some time. So it came as no surprise when my friends and I had this harebrained scheme about being a bigger part of it, rather than just the average attendee.
We assumed that the applications on the website would be what we wanted to get in but it seems that it isn't. We weren't really looking to have set positions (like on the applications; food, beverage, ticket window, front gate, etc.). We weren't even really looking to get paid. It was more so of a desire to be one of those lovely people that walk around and entertain you. We wanted to do the faerie thing and we figured a target audience would be small children. We just want to run around and have fun but we're looking for a bit of approval from the faire gods, if there are such things.

Any guidance for a newb?


The best place to start would be to contact Tom, the Entertainment Director. You could call the festival office and leave a message for him, as he is currently getting ready to open the Colorado show. Bear in mind that the cast is probably already set and rehearsing for the upcoming season. So, you may have to wait until next season.


Is the number on the website the number of the festival office?
Thank you so much for your help. Even if I do have to wait until next year, at least now I know.


Even if you do get on Cast, and really do not need to be paid for your love of faire, you can be a playtron....

Playtron's are paying customers, who come in Garb, interact and "play" with the cast.  And Guaranteed, if you are in Garb and present an open attitude you will be approached by children and other non-dressed attendees.

I can not tell you how many Kids, Grandparents, mom's  and dads have asked me questions about faire, have asked me to pose with  them, want to know where the privies are....

So good luck with the cast, and if you do not get on just come and play....(Besides if you are getting paid, isn't just reduced to work???)
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Professor M

A few clarifications from a cast member:

Jareth, you give them too much credit.  I know many cast members who have not yet been contracted, and no one has yet mentioned rehearsal dates.  But of course your advice is sound.  TR, call the office and tell them you 'd like to audition.  If you look around the Pittsburgh Forum you'll find a subject called "Audition Notice."  Even though the dates have passed, use that information to apply.

And a clarification on DuCouer's comments.  Many people attend in garb and they do socialize with other patrons.  You cannot, however, perform for anyone or act like a cast member.  You must remain distinct if you are a paying guest.  This is just a safety precaution so people know their child is talking to an employee of the fair and not just a random stranger.

Good luck!  I look forward to meeting you and having you join our cast.  Best of luck to you!
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Thank you so much, DuCoeur, for all the positive advice.
It really makes me feel mounds better about this whole process.
Professor, thank you especially, for the advice about being a non cast member.
I would have hated to overstep any boundaries.
I'm looking forward to this even more now.