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Marisol's escape

Started by Lady Christina de Pond, July 06, 2011, 01:28:50 PM

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Lady Christina de Pond

alright so i just don't expect this to turn into much it's just a thought and idea from a dream so i figured heck why not try the steven king thing so I am so if it's only one post long enjoy it's somethng my brain created while i slept

alright it appears to now have a name good and also it appears to have a little longer story line

Marisol enjoyed Market day more than any other day of the week she loved seeing the wears people had created and spent all week preparing for one day. Marisol was nearly done and ready to return to her father's estate when she saw him watching her.  Marisol was used to people looking at her but this was an intense watch. He watched her for too long Marisol didn't like it now she had wished she had not left Jaq at home. Her father had assigned him her guard when she was little but more and more often Marisol snuck out and left Jaq at home unaware that his charge had vanished. Jaq's presence would have atleast made Marisol feel more secure. She did not like his looking at her the way he was it bothered her to no end. Marisol decided it was time to go home even though she planned to spend a little more time here she felt it would be wise to cut her trip short. As Marisol reached the stables she felt a hand over her mouth and herself being drug into the shadow. Marisol knew without having to see her attacker that it was him it was the ugly man that had being eyeing her in the market. Marisol wanted to scream but the meaty hand over her mouth prevented her from doing any. then he came into view his face puckered an marked his hair patchy his eyes were droopy and he nearly looked like a huchback.

"Yes she will do nicely" lets take her back to the estate" he smiled his ugly hideous smile
then he leaned down and tied her legs and bound her hands together the large man obviously his hinchman smiled as the two of them carried her to the carriage there was only small windows in which to look out and very hard to see in.
"Jerish tie a gag on her I don't want her to try to scream all the way to my estates"
Jerish pulled a bandana out of his pocket he pushed it roughly into her mouth Marisol did everything she could to push it out of her mouth but nothing much had happened
The first mistake they made and Marisol took complete notice was that they didn't bother with a blindfold granted the boulder was sitting beside her and across from her was his boss Marisol could atleast watch the road she would know the road should the opportunity arise to escape.
The estate was walled it was dark and hideous it was tight and cramped looking it looked like a fortress built to small. Marisol soon found out apon arrival  that Jerish's boss was named Frank and that his mother lived and ran the estate.

"carry her inside Jerish I'll deal with her inside" spoke Lamina
Jerish drug Marisol from the carriage and tossed her over his shoulders and into the main house he dumped her unceramously into a chair and stood near the wall waiting instructions Lamina and Frank walked in

"Frank remove her gag"
Frank did as her mother ask
"don't think of screaming no one is close enough to hear you or care" spoke frank
" you now are in my service you are my slave and ladies maid I expect they might soon start looking for you since you're a noble lady so I think for the rest of today you will remain in the back chambers. until I can be sure you can be trusted and will stay and not attempt to run away you will be tied/chained or guarded until your trustworthy. If your very good then maybe I may consider letting my son have you to do what he would like and I'm sure he would like a wife"
Marisol was outraged how dare they kidnap her and force her into slavery but at this point Marisol saw nothing she could do but hope someone would find her if they didn't then she would have to bide her time until she could escape
"you also will wear clothing that I provide and nothing else frank untie her and get her a change of clothes then show her where she can change when your done  I'll be waiting for you" spoke Lamina
Marisol rubbed her ankles from the rope hand bond her legs . Frank waited only a few seconds before leaning over to her
"come or you won't like the outcome"
Marisol got up and followed him out of the room he escorted her into another room and shut and locked the door behind them the room was empty except for a wardrobe which Frank opened pulled out a dress and handed it to Marisol
" you have 5 minutes to change or I'll change your clothes for you." Spoke Frank
" your not going to leave?"
" I could but under no circumstances are you to be let out of sight until you've proved trustworthy"
" I can't escape this room has no windows"
" you have four minutes"
Marisol was so furious but she did not like the prospect of Frank redressing her. She tossed her surcoat over her head hoping to obscure his view and quickly pulled the dress over her head as she did she realized that her chemise had loosened and thought it looked right with the dress Marisol was appalled she reached to tighten her chemise to find herself facing Frank his eyes surveying her up and down.
"don't you just saved me time trying to loosen it myself" smiled frank
Marisol gasped when she found his groping hands on her body she tried to wretch away but he only laughed running his over her body and pressing her against the wall.
" yes your quiet sprited hmm I wonder if Mother might be generous early I might make you a wife without the marriage certificate"
" No no please" spoke Marisol trying to get away
Marisol heard voices outside the doors
" No M'Lord I've not seen a girl fitting her description if I should I will soon alert you"
Marisol found a hand over her mouth
" Is this all of your household?"
" Well M'lord my son is somewhere around here"
" are there anymore woman here?"
" No there are no more I wish I could help you more perhaps you would like to join us for dinner"
Marisol heard no more of the conversation she figured the conversation continued elsewhere but Frank continued his intentions just when Marisol thought she would find herself raped a knock came to the door

"M'lord your mother is asking for your presence"
Frank took hold of Marisol's arm and lead her from the room a boy about 12yrs old was standing outside the door and walked with them.
when they entered the door  Lamina quickly dismissed him
" I see you got her changed but I thought It wouldn't take long for that to occur"
" Sorry Mother she was being a little difficult" Spoke Frank
" I'm a little glad she was he arrived sooner than I expected said his name was Jaq and looking for a young lady she had slipped his presence at her father's castle and they had found her horse at the stables in the town but the last evidence he saw was someone or something being dragged but that is as far as he knew no one had seen her she vanished into thin air they will ride several more days out maybe a week or two before they return home they may stop here again on the return we need to make sure the next few weeks  she is as far from an exterior wall as possible."
" I have a few ideas" offered Frank
" what might those be?"
" The dungeon"
" very good thinkin no one but me and you would know this place has a dungeon they won't know to look there"
" please don't put me in the dungeon" spoke Marisol
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Lady Christina de Pond

It was dank dark and smelled dank and musty Marisol was glad to be alone for a few moments she reajusted her chemise and shivered as she thought of Frank attaching the chain to her leg. She for a second was afraid he would finish what he started earlier but he didn't. Thankfully the bed was built into the wall and not just a pile of hay in the corner Marisol wouldn't have to sleep on the ground even though the bed was no wear as near as nice as her bed at home it would be better than the floor. Marisol didn't know what time it was but it had been a while since she had been left in the dungeon it had to be getting close to diner time if not past it Marisol felt her stomach grumbling

Marisol woke from her sleep she didn't know what woke her only that someone or something did then she heard it again. the soft tinkling sound of keys she looked up and saw the boy fumbling with the keys once he opened the door he picked up his tray of food and a cup
" I'm sorry M'lady i had to wait until they were asleep before i could possibly sneak anything down here. I'm sorry if it's cold but i thought you would like to have something to eat"
" thank you i am hungry do you have the key for this chain?"
" i'm sorry m'lady but It's not on this ring I saw Frank pocket that key I think it's in his chambers and I dare not go in there I was lucky they left these in the normal spot"
" please stop calling me m'lady you can call me Marisol and thank you so much for bringing me diner"
" it's my pleasure Marisol you may call me Alex"
" Alex how did you come to be here?" asked Marisol as she took a bite of the bread
" my parents used to work for Lamina and her son until they mysteriously passed away leaving me orphaned Lamina forced me to work for her telling me that I had to get out or get to work"
" how horrid I'm sorry she did that to you"
" thank you  I'm sorry they kidnapped you"
" thank you did you knock on purpose?"
" yes I did I hoped I was stopping Frank from doing something"
" Thank you Alex thank you"
Alex smiled when Marisol was done eating he left her to sleep

Marisol woke to eyes watching her it was Frank Marisol screamed and Frank laughed
"scream all you like no one will hear you nor will they when I take you"
" Frank stop leave her be for now bring her upstairs and chain her in my room" spoke Lamina
Frank took the chain from the wall and Marisol's arm in his other hand and lead her out of the dungeon in a room full of wardrobes Lamina waited  sitting at a dressing table Frank chained her to a wardrobe then left the two of them alone
" now do be a dear and help me prepare for the day I need a clean chemise and I want to wear a blue dress" spoke Lamina
Marisol began opening wardrobe after wardrobe until finally she finally found what was asked of her then returned to Lamina once Lamina was dressed she combed Lamina's hair
" Sit down" spoke Lamina
" where" asked Marisol
" the floor ofcourse now my dear my son has taken a keen interest in you"
" as if I hadn't noticed" grumbled Marisol
" what was that?"
"nothing M'lady"
Marisol's head turned as the harshness of the slap registered Marisol fought the tears and the anger that boiled under her skin
" now what was it you said" asked Lamina
" I only said that I had noticed that he had taken an interest in me"
Lamina left the room and left Marisol standing there. After a few minutes she sat down and began to comb out her hair she didn't notice when Frank had enter or how long he had been standing there but the desire in his eyes for me frightened her.  Marisol went on pretending that she didn't see him until he was in front of her  she did all she could to fight him off her but in the end it was useless he outweighed her and though she put up a fight he did as he wanted. When he left the room Jerish entered and placed a new dress on the dressing chair then he left Marisol to dress herself again.
After she had combed out her hair Frank returned and moved her to another room
" Get busy cleaning" spoke Frank as he walked out
A little later Alex came in the door
" I'm sorry I couldn't help you Marisol he had Jerish posted outsided the door"
" I know thank you for trying to help me"
" he will be back"
" I know he told me so before he left me to change cloths"
" you want a bath tonight?"
" that would be nice"
" leave it to me then I'll see you later I need to go before Lamina catches me"
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Lady Christina de Pond

Marisol had no idea how Alex pulled it off but after she was sure Frank and Lamina were asleep Alex and another servant brought down a Tub Marisol was amazed as she watched them fill it with water and even left soap and a towel to dry with
" I'll check back later to see if your finished if not then I'll come back later"
" Thank you Alex"
Alex smiled and left Marisol quickly got into the bath it soothed her muscles but Marisol was sure not how much she scrubed she would not feel clean again for a long time
Marisol was out of the bath and in her clothes again when Alex appeared
" Marisol?"
" It's alright Alex I'm dressed"
Alex disappeared for a moment and then Marisol watched as the water and the tub disappear as well when she was alone then Marisol permitted herself to cry part of her wondered if she would ever be found but she knew she had to steady herself and prepare to escape even if she wasn't rescued infact Marisol knew that if she was behaved and stayed where she was allowed to go they would eventually let her off her tether and then she would stay close until she was sure she could escape when she escaped she was taking Alex with her.

The next Morning she was brought breakfast then Frank came for her.  She helped Lamina dress when Lamina spoke to her again Marisol only sat and listened. Then she was taken to another room and left chained and told to clean later in the afternoon Frank moved her to another room  but he didn't leave he stayed and watched her move he approached Marisol when her back was turned Marisol didn't stand a chance. Again she waited late until night to cry  soon the weeks blurred past she had been there a few weeks when Frank had tied her to his bed and did as he please in leaving her he told Jerish to untie her and set her back to cleaning but Jerish seeing an opportunity took it an had his way with Marisol just as his master had.
Marisol began plotting her escape after a month an half of being at the Estate they began to leave Marisol unchained and even given a room to sleep and usually the doors were left unlocked around her. Frank continued coming for her when she lease expected it.
One morning Marisol awoke feeling sick she quickly ran from her room the cook was nice to her and offered her some bread to help her then started mumbling something under his breath while shaking his knife in the air
Marisol knew she calculated back since she had came. She had hoped against all hope that she wouldn't that she hadn't but here she was having morning sickness. Later in the afternoon it seemed the whole Estate was buzzing mostly with anger toward Frank.
Marisol knew everyone blamed Frank it seemed that everyday since she had arrived that Frank had done as he pleased with her but no one knew of that time Jerish had done as he wished. Marisol knew that she would have no way of knowing who the father was but Marisol hoped that the child didn't look like Frank she didn't know if she could live with that.
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Lady Christina de Pond

A few weeks had passed and Marisol found more and more freedom she was permitted to go and eat with the servants she then was expected to help Lamina to dress for the day and then she was to start cleaning on Mondays she was expected to help Cara and Millie with the wash Tuesdays she was expected to help Lauren with the sewing On Wednesday she was expected to help Taiena and Ernie with the cleaning and cooking and Thurdsday she was expected to help Jess and Bess with the garden On Friday she was expected to dust the Library On Saturday she was to clean Frank and Lamina's rooms On Sunday she was to spend most of the day in the Estate chapel then she was to help get super on the table and then she was permitted to roam around the grounds a little
Marisol had visited the stables and met Tim the stable boy and Tred the stable hand who saddles the horses and hooked them up to the carriages. Marisol also learned that Alex was Frank's personal servant
She was still leary of Frank and thankfully with her new schedule Frank only got to her once a week
Marisol told Alex of her plan to escape and he would help her when the opportunity arose.
As so happened Lamina decided to take Marisol to the village with her the following week it was a small village not far from the estate and Lamina kept her close but purchased things for the estate Marisol had the feeling that Lamina was training her to come and make purchases for the kitchens they later returned home and Marisol helped Lamina dress for a dinner at a near bye estate after Frank Jerish Alex and Marisol saw Lamina off Marisol turned to Frank
" I need a favor would you prepare my bath for me?" asked Marisol in the most seductive tone she could manage
Frank grinned and wondered off followed by Jerish Alex ran off for the stables and returned shortly with a carriage
They were soon on their way out the gates of the estate and down the road Marisol was excited they had gotten out the feeling was wonderful she was going home
As they rounded a bend in the road they saw Lamina's carriage coming from the other direction Marisol Froze maybe they hadn't been noticed but it wasn't long before Marisol spotted the carriage behind them Marisol's fear rose they were going so fast that one of the wheels broke and they slid off the road Alex was at the door helping Marisol out
" quickly M'lady run"
Marisol ran but it the climbing was Hard and slow Alex was first to fall under Jerish while Lamina and Frank caught Marisol
" Nice try M'lady maybe if you had taken off in the other direction you might have escaped"
Jerish and Alex rode on the outside of the carriage Alex with his head dangling Jerish with his head high
Lamina entered the carriage and Frank shoved Marisol inside Marisol cried maybe it was the hormones maybe it was the fact that she failed to escape. When they arrived at the estate Lamina drug Marisol inside while Alex and Tred went to the stabled and for a wheel and returned for the second carriage. When Frank Joined Marisol and Lamina
He held a chain in his hand which he attached to her leg again
" You've broke our trust stealing a carriage stealing a servant and fleeing you will be chained for a long time and since you can't be trusted I believe Frank will not marry you. I have also been watching you and it seems we have a tramp on our hands Frank. Were you pregnant before you arrived or did you get yourself pregnant after you arrived?"
" I'm no strumpit this child was not a choice of mine I was taken advantage of here and he forced himself on me"
" You shall raise this child as a bastard then since I doubt the father can care get here out of here Frank"
Frank lead Marisol from the room and to her room he chained her to her room Frank sat on her bed
" your bath is drawn" smiled Frank as he pointed toward the tub
" do you mind?" spoke Marisol
Frank pulled Marisol to himself he rolled her onto the bed and underneath him
" Please no" whispered Marisol
" if you would learn to enjoy it M'lady you would beg me to come to your bed" laughed Frank
When he left Marisol bathed and curled into a ball to sleep
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Lady Christina de Pond

Marisol knew she had to escape she would seek opportunities to escape Marisol would keep trying to escape if not for herself but the child she now carried. The next Morning Lamina had Marisol brought to her chambers to help her dress then set her about her Saturday duties but this time Marisol was chained and Lamina stood guard over her. She complained about every move Marisol made and made her remake the beds atleast twice each. When Marisol fell into her bed that night she was exhausted from all the work and Marisol's constant berating

A few weeks later Frank left early one morning and was gone for a week Marisol was glad he was gone but wished he had taken Lamina with him even though Lamina had stopped constantly guarding Marisol she still left her chained in rooms for hours on end.  Jess and Bess sent roses to Marisol's room. Cara and Millie made sure that Marisol did the least strenuous parts of the washing. Lauren set Marisol knitting booties instead of mending garment. Tiena and Earnie made sure Marisol had special portions and made her rest often.  Tim and Tred started a baby cradle and Alex snuck Marisol little suprises when he found them. They all felt for Marisol and her failed escape attempt they had all had hoped she would have escaped.
At the end of the week Frank returned Jerish with him an a young woman with them. When they got out of the carriage Lamina hugged the young woman and welcomed her warmly. Frank started showing the girl around Marisol was in the Garden with Jess and Bess when Frank walked up
" These are your servants they spend all the time tending the gardens and keeping it looking proper except for Marisol she rotates out some times she's in the garden she sometimes cleaning rooms helping in the kitchen maybe next week she will be cleaning out the horse stalls"
" why is she chained to the tree?" asked Mattildia
" Well my dear she has proved untrustworthy and because she has she is often chained in a room"
" how does she get to the bathroom?"
" that is up to her if she had not been disobedient she would not have to be chained"
" what could have been so evil and devious that you would have to chain her up?" ask Mattildia
" Lets see to start with she has attempted to seduce every male in this house hold and I'm not sure who but she did manage to seduce one of them as she is pregnant then she has managed to steal a carriage with my personal servant in it. "
" she doesn't look that kind to do such and from the looks of her I bet she could seduce you if she wanted to" answered Mattildia
" Come wife there are other servants to meet" spoke Frank
As he lead Mattildia away
Marisol shook her head the poor girl
"She isn't very pretty if I say so" spoke Bess
" Aye well as ugly as he is I dare say she's the best he could find" offered Jess
" Marisol is a beauty compared to her he only wish she would have choose him"
" the poor girl" spoke Marisol
" she's your new master she may beat you or keep you chained up like Lamina and Frank" chided Jess
" Maybe there is some kindness in her" spoke Marisol
" if there is any kindness in that girl I hope Frank and Lamina doesn't stomp it out" added Bess
" yes I agree I hope they don't ruin her" said Jess

Later that evening Lamina had Marisol brought in to the study where She Frank and Mattildia sat
"I've decided that your to be Mattildia's hand maid and servant you will attend to her every need and show her around granted you shall still be bound but that's because your still being punished and second you broke our trust in you. Frank if you will"
Frank smiled and walked over to Marisol he removed the chain he pulled a chain from his pocket he attached on end to her leg it was small and thin and looked easily broke Frank walked over to Mattildia and handed her the other end
" now go help my wife prepare for bed" demanded Frank
Mattildia rose and exited the room and Marisol followed her once in the safety of Frank and Mattildia's chamber Mattildia turned to Marisol
"I know this looks frail but I'm afraid it's not I was there when the witch explained to Frank how the chain works I can't remove it from you Marisol only the person who put it on you can they are also the only ones who can move it if you your chained to something like that bed I could attach you to it but Frank would have to remove you from it."
" why are you telling me this?"
" because I don't believe Frank I may have married him and thus I'll have to deal with it but I'm better positioned than he thinks but I also don't believe that you would attempt to seduce every man in a house hold and only seduce one your pretty so much prettier than Frank acts"
" I seduced no one this child is the product of me being forced into a situation that I did not want or ask of"
" I believe you Marisol I want to help"
" how do I know that I can trust you?"
" you don't know yet I promise to you that I will in time show that I am to be trusted"

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Lady Christina de Pond

 In the morning Mattildia had Marisol brought to her and offered her breakfast. Then Mattildia was dressed for the day and her hair combed out. Once dressed Mattildia decided to go to the library and spend the day looking over the volumes there since Marisol was her maid she also had to go to the library once they were in the library Mattildia summoned Lauren to join them.
"Lauren I know we met briefly yesterday Marisol says that you have her knitting baby items"
" I do M'lady"
" good would you be so kind as to bring them to me as well as her current project"
" Yes M'lady but what if Frank or Lamina were to come in here?"
" They won't from what Frank told me he nor his mother come here they prefer the study it was Frank's father who liked books and they just don't come here"
Lauren came back shortly with Marisol's knitting and the three of them spent the day knitting some of the booties mattildia sent with Lauren and told her to sell them in the village the money bring to her. Mattildia also hid in a chest in the library the things for Marisol's child.
Mattildia found ways to keep Marisol close Frank was becoming more frustrated with Mattildia insistant of Marisol close he even started to argue with Mattildia about it
"I don't understand why you Keep that maid of yours so close"
" She is very helpful to me besides you gave her to me as my maid"
" I only ment that she was your dressing maid I didn't expect you to keep her so close"
" You didn't tell me that you told me she was to be my lady's maid that usually means I get to keep her close and she does things for me"
Frank stomped out leaving Mattildia fuming. Marisol was in her room quietly darning  when the door flew open with such a force that it slammed shut on it's on Frank was in her room heaving he yanked her from her rocking chair and tossed her across the bed he tore her dress and satisfied his lust on her.  After he left it was Mattildia who found Marisol curled up in her room her cloths torn
" Oh Marisol I didn't know he was coming here"
" Mattildia he's mad he's been mad because you've kept me close he can't get to me when he wants"
" Marisol is Frank the father of your baby?"
" I don't know Mattildia he raped me every day for weeks then he raped me when he found the opportunity one day he left me tied to the bed and told Jerish to untie me and Jerish didn't he raped me too"
" Ohh Marisol I am so sorry"
" it's not your fault you've been keeping me away from him as much as possible"
" no one deserves the way your being treated.  I will get letters out to family they will start to come and visit Lamina and Frank will have to be good as gold when my family arrives you should be safe for a while"
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Lady Christina de Pond

Mattildia began writing letters inviting her family to come visit her.  She kept Marisol close and looked for ways to help Her escape. As the days passed Marisol's stomach grew rounder Marisol was still tethered by the magic cord but Frank in attempt to please Mattildia had taken it off Marisol and given the cord to Mattildia so that she could attach it to Marisol which she did while Frank stood near after he left the room Mattildia had Marisol to sit down
"Look I know how much you want out of here and I want that for you. I also don't want to keep you chained like a an animal all the time and I will release you from this chain when Frank and Lamina aren't around but you have to Promise to trust me that I will help you escape when the time comes. It may take a while but I promise I will get you and your child free from Lamina and Frank and when I do know they will never come after you again"
" I trust you. I don't know why I should I mean you did marry him after all but I trust you"
" Marisol a girl like me didn't have much of a choice I'm not comely enough to catch a find handsome husband I had to take what I could get and well I didn't know Frank was a monster until I got here"
" You know he actually told me once I arrived that if I behaved he would make me his wife"
" I'm sorry Marisol"
" ohhh don't I didn't want to Marry him I didn't want to be here"
" maybe it's a good thing he did marry me that way he didn't try to use your pregnancy as an excuse to force you to marry him"

The next afternoon  Mattildia's uncle arrived and as Mattildia predicted Lamina and Frank were on their best behaviors if Mattildia and Marisol didn't know
Better they would have believed that Lamina and Frank were actually kind and gentle but they knew otherwise and it didn't stop Mattildia from having Tred install a bolt on Marisol's door since Frank and Lamina were preoccupied they didn't know or notice nor did they notice that Mattildia had spend a decent amount in yarns all of which had been spun up an carded for Mattildia and Marisol's use.
Mattildia and Marisol now were well stocked the baby that Marisol was carrying would have plenty of cloths to wear and Mattildia was working on a small stash of coins for her and Marisol.
Helmswoman of the Fiesty Lady
Lady Ashley of De Coals
Militissa in the Frati della Beata Gloriosa Vergine Mari

Lady Christina de Pond

As Marisol's child grew so did her body she had plenty clothing for the child thanks to Mattildia and Lauren the rest of the servents also helped Marisol when they could and they liked Mattildia the way she treated others shined thru and they liked her even if she wasn't pretty.
Frank eyed Marisol often but he was too busy to be able to do anything nor did he find the opportunity at nights when it was time for the house to retire Mattildia would escort Marisol to her rooms and once alone Marisol bolted the door.  Marisol noticed one morning not too far from her due date that Mattildia was looking a little tired and worn down.
" Mattildia are you O.k.?"
" yes I'm fine"
" you Look tired"
" I haven't been sleeping much lately"
" I'm sorry Mattildia but why?"
" Well it' seems I've been here nearly 5 months and well while your 8 months along I've yet to conceive and well Frank is frustrated. You conceived so easily and well I should have atleast conceived I haven't and well Frank now thinks that he needs to try often and frequently"
" I wonder if something is wrong with him"
" I don't know it might be me"
" you know I really think it might be him it was about two months that I was here before he tied me to his bed and he and Jerish both... well that's when I think this little one was conceived I wonder if Frank can have children"
" Hmmm that's a wonderful theory but it's just as possible that you might never know who the father is of the baby"
" I know I would prefer that it was neither one but I don't get that option but I would rather it was jerish who fathered this child I don't know if I can stand it if this babe was to come out looking like Frank"
" I understand maybe she or he will look like you"
" I do hope so"

It was a few weeks later when Marisol was helping Mattildia dress for the morning when Marisol's water broke with Alex and Frank's help they got Marisol to her little room.
Taiena came to help and had helped deliever many babies including Alex. Marisol was thankful that Taiena was a midwife and would help her she imagined how frightful it would have been if she had to rely on Frank Lamina and Jerish to deliver her child
Several hours later the baby was born and healthy
" Well I dare say she doesn't look like Frank" spoke Mattildia
" No she is lovely she looks like you" offered Taiena
Marisol smiled down at her daughter she was lovely. Marisol was glad that she didn't look like Frank at all. Nor did she look like Jerish. In that instant Marisol knew that her little daughter was to be Rose

After everyone had drifted away and left Marisol alone Frank came in. Marisol hoped that Frank would not try anything this time. He didn't infact he didn't speak he only looked at Marisol and the the sleeping babe in her arms then he left.
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Militissa in the Frati della Beata Gloriosa Vergine Mari

Lady Christina de Pond

Marisol soon was up and about with Rose everywhere Marisol went so did Rose. Cara and Millie dotted on little Rose often. Lauren was always making Rose something new. Taiena and Ernie always made Rose special treats. Jess and Bess always brought something from the garden. Tim an Tred always brought her to see the horses and Alex always brought Rose flowers from the meadows. Mattildia also dotted on Rose and occasionally Marisol would catch Jerish watching Rose but he only did it when he thought no one else was watching. Lamina wanted nothing to do with Rose she avoided her at all cost.  Frank watched Rose watch with detachment and had taken to staring at Mattildia sideways looking to see if she showed any sign of carrying his child. He even threw Marisol out of the room sometimes and told Mattildia it was time to attend to her wifely duties.
One afternoon a visitor arrived he arrived with an envoy of people with him he told the guard that his cousin lived here and he had came for a visit.
Lamina nearly stroked out on Mattildia
" why did you not tell me he was coming?"
" I'm sorry I didn't know he was coming either"
" You didn't tell us that the Prince is your cousin"
" I didn't think it mattered"
" It matters for heaven sakes it matters go great your cousin with my son I need all the servants cleaning the whole estate"
Mattildia exited the room taking with her Marisol and Rose
" I thought she said all?" whispered Marisol
" she did but she wouldn't dare make a ruckous with the Prince here."
Frank met Mattildia outside the grand hall and offered her his arm he left Jerish there and expected Mattildia to leave Marisol as well and she did once they were alone and out of hearing range of Frank Jerish spoke he didn't look away from his master
" M'lady I am sorry I have wronged you and for that it greives my heart. I only ask your forgiveness in this whole mess. If I could get you away from here without being caught I would for I am truly sorry."
" I forgive you" whispered Marisol
" I may be able to get you and the child away from here but I would have to stay with you I would not be permitted back here I could make you happy M'lady"
" thank you but no Jerish things will work out just fine"

It was later in the afternoon when Mattildia was in the library with her cousin when Marisol and Rose slipped in
" My dear Cousin finally the introduction I've been waiting to make cousin this is Marisol and her daughter Rose, Marisol Rose this is my cousin Richard"
Marisol curtseyed the best she could with Rose on her hip Rose just looked at the new person with curiosity
" M'lady" bowed the Prince then he stood an took Marisol's hand in his and kissed the back of it. 

A few hours later a plan was hatched the Prince would also be part of it. Marisol and Rose would escape with the aid of the Prince but there was much work to do the Prince would come and visit every few weeks he also suspected Lamina and Frank of killing Alex's parents who were friends of his and of some other crimes of treason so he would gather all the evidence he could but as Mattildia had Promised she would get Marisol away from Lamina and Frank
Helmswoman of the Fiesty Lady
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Militissa in the Frati della Beata Gloriosa Vergine Mari

Lady Christina de Pond

the next day the prince left for his home he intended to investigate all he could about Frank and Lamina he promised he would send family to visit Matillida often and would come himself. True to his word a fortnight later more family began to arrive everyone came stayed a few days and then left but it only managed to be a few days when one family member would leave and the next would arrived Frank and Lamina played gracious host and hostess to everyone but they sulked in Private
" you had to choose a bride so well connected?" asked frank
" you are lucky to have a bride at all does your wife know of your bastard with her?'
" no but if my wife doesn't quicken with child I shall only have bastards."
"Would you have been pleased if I had left you as a bachelor?"
"then start demanding your husbandly duties of your wife leave your play thing alone for a while I don't wish to see her ripen with any more of your bastards"
" I wonder if she is even mine could it have been that she was pregnant when she arrived?"
" no the math doesn't add up"
" but she doesn't even look like me"
" I don't know have you let anyone else be with her?"
" no but..."
"if that child isn't yours then it is someone's it's just a matter who"
the next months the prince began to plan with Mitillida of how to get Rose and Marisol away from Frank and Lamina and do so in a way that they would never bother Marisol or Rose again
When Matildia would go so would Marisol so every time Matilida spoke to her cousin Marisol was with her. Each time he found it harder to watch Rose Grow so quickly and he wanted to spend time with Marisol privately but he knew he had to be careful he didn't want Frank to find out and do something to Marisol it' had been nearly 4 months since he Prince had arrived the first time when he could help it not more he asked her one night to go for a stroll around the grounds she agreed and he came for her after everyone was asleep including Rose it also happened to be a night Frank decides to visit Marisol after having to behave with guest around frank decided that he would just have to risk it. When he got to Marisol's room he found her gone as well as Rose he started looking for her hoping that she hasn't decided to escape. He spied her walking with the prince and decides to watch and see what they are up to. When he realized the two are returning he hid in Marisol's room and waits for the prince to leave and her to place Rose in her cradle before he made himself known
Frank chained her to bed and he took Rose and her cradle from the Room while Marisol begged him not to take her. Frank returned after a while and he led Marisol to the dungeon and he locked her in

"wife I have news for you" spoke Frank at breakfast in their private rooms
"what might that be?"
" Marisol has ran away she has even abandoned the child"
" what?"
"she is gone and the child is currently with the Kitchen maid"
"are you sure?"
"yes and we are going to raise the child as our own unless you conceive then I'll send her back to the kitchens"
"as you say husband"
Later that day while in the Library with the Prince Matillida told him what had occurred
"I don't quite believe that she is gone" spoke Matillida
" I know she knew there was a plan to get her out she wouldn't just leave Rose I know that I've looked all over for her this morning I have yet to find her and no one knows where she is no one has seen anything"
"I bet Frank knows tonight I will follow him when he thinks that I am asleep. I will find out what is going on then I will come to you and tell you what I have found out."
"good but this may advance our plans"
"maybe they should have been advanced sooner"
After Frank believed that Matillida was asleep that night he slipped into the dungeon to Marisol he doesn't know that Mattildia followed him.
She reported back to the Prince who was waiting for her.
"I found where he is keeping her it's dank and dark and I didn't even know that the dungeon is there but I will tell you how to find it. We must get her out if not tonight tomorrow she can't stay there"
"I agree I will inform my men tomorrow morning first thing and we shall tell Frank and Lamina that I'm leaving"
The next day the prince informed Frank and Lamina that he is leaving and that he had important business to attend to . Once outside of site of the estate he turned his men and they waited for night fall. When it is dark the Prince slipped into the estate with his knights all staying to the shadow once inside he followed the directions Mattildia gave him to find the dungeon he founds Frank there Berating Marisol.
"you Filthy Wench did you think he would take you with him? Well I have news for you he left that's right he left you he had no intentions of taking you with him. He was only wanted  in your bed but he won't find you now. I will be your only visitor I will decide if you get dinner if you get to bathe and if I beat you and rape you then no one shall know"
"That is not the proper way to treat a Lady" speaks the prince walking from the shadows sword drawn
Frank was surprised for a moment then he Laughed
"You want her? You know she's used goods that baby it's mine she used me and got herself pregnant"
The prince  looks to Marisol and she sobs
"It's possible the child is his but it's also possible that..."spoke Marisol
"She is mine"speaks Jerish who has entered when no one was looking
"See my Lord she is a seducer of men"Spoke frank
"No what has been done to the lady is wrong your highness I helped kidnap and hide this lady and after he had his way with her one day I also did I am not proud of it I am ashamed of my behavior but she never seduced anyone he is the one who stole her. He is the one who has had his way with her many of times and many of day even after he was married."speaks Jerish
"Release her now." ordered the Prince.
Frank did so
"Marisol come stand with me "ordered the Prince
Marisol came to the Prince he quickly placed himself between her an frank
"What of rose"asked Marisol
"She is safe the cook has her"answered the Prince
'What are you going to do about Frank" ask Marisol
"I don't know stripping him of his estate sounds like a good idea"
"That will not be enough my Lord his mother will never accept that" spoke Jerish
"That what do you propose" asked the Prince
"Leave them to me my Lord I will deal with them"
"Then I shall"
with that the prince guided Marisol from the dungeon.
The Prince, Marisol, Matildia and all the servants from the house garden and stables left. Lamina slept thru it all she didn't know that her house was falling in while she slept. Jerish contained Frank in the dungeon while the rest rode out into the night. The Prince married Marisol a few months later they went on to have a long and happy marriage and many children one day on a trip to visit Marisol's parents they stopped for Lunch they  Left Rose and the other children with matillida who had found contentment tending to her counsin's children. The Prince and Marisol were enjoying a pleaant stroll talking of many things and the name of the child to come, when they came apon a weathered cradle with the name Rose carved into it
"Richard it couldn't be"whispered Marisol
He looked around then whispered to Marisol together they spun around and in their  mind both pictured what it had looked like just a few years back and they both knew, they left that afternoon  never to look back but If they had looked up above the cradle in a large tree that had been on the grounds back when it was an estate they would have found  two skeltons above them tied high in the tree.
Helmswoman of the Fiesty Lady
Lady Ashley of De Coals
Militissa in the Frati della Beata Gloriosa Vergine Mari