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"Now, if you don't mind," continued Will, "The pistol, please."
"I find this highly insulting," sniffed Peffly. "I know how to load a pistol properly."
"Ah, so you did load it yourself. Then I definitely want to inspect it."
Andrew slapped the butt of the firearm into the palm of Will's outstretched hand. "Here, inspect all you like," he said through clenched teeth.

Will examined the pistol's lock, then sniffed the end of the barrel for the scent of gunpowder. He looked to Peffly and gave a small nod of approval.
"Finally," said Andrew. "Now let us get on with--"
His mouth fell open when he saw Will produce a pistol from his belt and and hand it to Phillip.
"You can't do that!!"

"Oh, yes I can. And I shall, gladly. I suppose that in your rush to call this duel you never bothered to read up on the protocols. No matter. Since you insist on acting like a schoolboy, I will treat you as one. You sent a letter of complaint and challenge, quite appropriately. Kudos there. But you neglected or ignored that the challenged party selects the weapons to be used. Phillip, what would be your preference?"
"Swords," said Phillip. "I've never been comfortable with a pistol. Too unpredictable."
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"Fine," said Will. "Pistols it is."
"What?!" howled Phillip. "I just said..."
"I know your preference," said Will. "All the same, this levels the playing field. You are unskilled with firearms, and Peffly here would most likely lop his own foot off stumbling over his blade. Since I have no confidence he is any more skilled with a pistol, you are on equal footing."
"Thank you, I think," grumbled Andrew.
"All right. Give me the damned thing," said Phillip. He took the pistol from Will and looked at it with suspicion. "Just pull back on this little thing here, right?"

Will shook his head. "No, that's the trigger. It comes later. For the thousandth time; pull back on the hammer. Yes, the crooked thing on top. Pull it back until it clicks."
Phillip struggled with the mechanism until it clicked into place. "Like that?"
"Yes, very good."
"Then what?"
"Can I just shoot him now and get this over with?" said Andrew. He and his second fell into mocking laughter.
"You'll have your chance, boy," replied Will. The laughter tailed off quickly.
"Phillip, it's just as we rehearsed. When I say 'now', you turn, pull the trigger, and win the duel."
"Ah! That, I can do."

Will gave him a wink and stepped to the middle ground.
"Gentlemen! We meet upon the field of honour. Here, by force of arms, personal conflict will be resolved and honour served. Now, the two of you, stand before me, back to back."
Phillip and Andrew marched toward one another, then turned and faced opposite directions.
Zara could only look on helplessly, her body quaking with fear. She knew Phillip was only pretending to fumble with his pistol, but Peffly was an unknown element. What if he really was a crack shot, enough to best the man she loves?

Will cleared his throat. "Ten paces, on my count. On ten, turn and fire. I remind you, gentlemen— this is to the death. Now, we begin. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN!"
Andrew turned in an almost casual manner. His eyes widened in surprise when he found Phillip facing him, pistol pointed at his heart. Peffly extended his arm and tried to fire, only to find the pistol gone and his hand burning with pain.
"Damn you!" he cried. "I thought you said you couldn't shoot!"
"That's right, I did," said Phillip with a smirk. "I lied."

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Zara’s eyes grew wide as she saw Andrew grasp his hand in pain. Phillip stood there staring at him, the smoking flintlock in his hand. She threw Levi’s hat to the ground and rushed over to him, flinging herself into his arms, her arms clasped tightly around his neck. Tears streamed down her face but she was too overcome with relief to even speak.

Andrew took two steps towards Phillip when he whipped the gun out of his belt from behind his back.
“Don’t.” The gun was pointed at Andrew’s chest.
He stopped where he stood. Will placed himself between the couple and Andrew’s approach.
“Well, I think that went rather swimmingly,” Will said as he rubbed his hands together. “In fact, I think you owe the little lady an apology, don’t you, Peffly?”

Peffly stood there with hatred in his eyes, saying nothing.
Zara released her hold on Phillip long enough to walk over to where Andrew stood.
She stood before him and just stared into his eyes for a whole minute.
Then she walked back to Phillip, whispered to him and with his arm around her shoulder, they walked towards the horses. He helped her mount the mare and then climbed on his. Silently they rode side by side out of the field.

Will stood there before Peffly and looked at him. Without warning, he drew back his fist and it landed squarely on Peffly’s jaw, reeling him backwards.
“That’s for Zara Wolfe. I am just finishing what she had too much class to do.”
He walked towards his horse, mounted the steed and trotted out of the glen.
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Phillip and Zara rode in silence when she suddenly burst into tears. Phillip took the reins of the mare and led them to a small clearing. Gently he lifted Zara off her horse.
She buried her face into his chest. He let her cry until there were no more tears left. He gently stroked her hair.
“I---I was so afraid I was going to lose you. I thought for sure he was going to kill you.”
Phillip lifted her face to his and kissed her gently.
“I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous myself but then I saw the cockiness would play to my advantage.”
Her tears started fresh.
“I hate it here. I HATE Virginia! I want to go home. I miss Mama and Da so much.”
He brushed her hair back from her face.
“I know. I will send a letter on the next packet asking your father if the coast is clear for us to return. If it is, we shall leave the minute El Lobo is fit to sail.”
‘I’m afraid. I am afraid of Andrew.”
“He won’t hurt you.”
“Phillip, how do you know?”
“He’s a coward at heart.”
He held her at arm’s length and looked into her eyes.
“Zara, I promise you will be safe.”
“But, how---”
“I’m working on it. Now let’s go back to Will’s for a breakfast.”
As they rode towards Will’s houe, he asked, “How did you EVER get Levi to part with his hat?”
“Well, it was like this….”

They trotted the horses into the stable. Levi peeked tentatively out of the tack room, anxiously anticipating his termination of employment.
He was relieved to see Phillip and Zara.
“Captain Briggs! Miss Zara! Oh, I am so pleased to see the Captain in one piece.”
Zara came over to him and hugged him.
‘I can’t thank you enough for helping me.”
She kissed his cheek.
Levi dug his foot into the ground with his eyes downcast, “Aw...t’weren’t nothin’”
Phillip extended his hand.
“Thank you for setting Zara’s mind at ease, Levi. The disguise was perfect. I never caught on.”
Zara looked up at him and smiled, “You were too focused on staying alive.”
“I see Captain Harkness is back.”
“Yes, sir. He got back about fifteen minutes ago and groomed his own horse. I was too nervous to go out to ask him how it turned out. And I thought lying low was the best bet. Until Captain Harkness’s wrath had passed.”
Zara hugged Levi.
“He’s not mad. He was very understanding. And if there is any question, I will smooth it out at breakfast.”
She took his hand and pressed something into it.
“Miss..Miss Zara? Are you sure?”
“It was worth every shilling, Levi.”
In his hand was a fifty-pound note.
“But...but this is too much.”
“Levi, please. Spend it as you see fit. But do me one favor.”
“What is that, Miss Zara?”
“See a glass maker and get some spectacles made.”
“Oh, I shall! I shall!”
As Zara and Phillip walked off with their arms around each other, Levi cleared his throat.
“Um….Miss Zara? One thing….”
“Oh! I am so sorry!”
She ran back and gently put the cap on Levi’s shaggy head.
“No harm, no foul.”
“Thank ‘ee, Ma’am!”
He stood straight and went back to mucking out the stalls.

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Phillip held the door open for Zara.
“I think we should get some breakfast, don’t you?”
Zara nodded. They walked into the dining room to see Will and Dilcey sitting at the table, a full breakfast in front of them.
“Phillip! Zara! Come join us. Nothing like an early morning duel to work up an appetite, eh? Dilcey, you should have seen it. It was a thing of beauty. Andrew was grasping his hand in pain before he even knew what happened.”
Dilcey poured each of them a cup of coffee. “I daresay that Andrew will be keeping a low profile after this.”
Will reached for a scone. “Like a snowball gaining momentum down a snow-covered hill, the story will take on epic proportions and Andrew will pretty much be ostracized from polite Virginia society.”
Zara buttered a biscuit. “And what of Julia Peffly?”
Dilcey sighed, “Julia no doubt will try to disassociate herself from her brother but the taint of the name goes with her. I really don’t know what her prospects will be. Virginia society can either be forgiving or cut you at the knees. Only time will tell.”

“Nonetheless, he won’t be coming to any of our soirees. Oh, and Phillip—I didn’t tell you but somehow he managed to jam the pistol’s firing mechanism. That is why he wasn’t too worried about you killing him. I suspected as much and that was why I gave you the pistol I did.”
“Thank you, Will. I hope you don’t mind, but I see our time here in Virginia is coming to an end. I am going to write to Jack to see if it is safe to come back. And there are a few things in Barbados I need to take care of. So after breakfast I will be sending Jack a note asking if we can return. I hope you don’t mind.”
“Mind? Of course I do. I have become very fond---and amused—by the two of you staying here. But life does go on. By all means, write your note and then we can get it on the packet that sails by the end of the week. What are your plans today?”

Zara finished her breakfast. “If you think it is safe, I would like to go to see a seamstress in Norfolk. I would at least like a couple new dresses. And I would like to pick up some fabric—preferably silk for Mama. Da so likes to see her in silk.”

Phillip stood and pushed his chair in.
“Zara? I’ll write that note and then get myself cleaned up a bit if you don’t mind me escorting you to town.”
She touched his arm. “Why, Captain Briggs, I would be delighted!”
They walked out of the dining room and Will turned to Dilcey.
“Hear that?”
Dilcey nodded. “That little giggle can only mean one thing. They are back together.”
“You should have seen Zara at the duel. She held it together magnificently. Until I caught her eye. I thought she would have a breakdown. But she is her father’s daughter. I swear, I almost cried myself when she flung herself into Phillip’s arms.”
“You, Will? You old softy.”
“And if you breathe a word of it, you will be out on your butt with no job or prospects.”
She took a sip of coffee and looked at him over her coffee cup.”
“Ha! Fat chance.”
Will lit up his pipe and smiled at her over the smoke.
“You know me too well.”

Phillip sat down at the desk in his room and opened up the top drawer, taking out a piece of paper. The inkpot was filled with ink and a sharpened quill lay nearby.
He rolled up his shirt sleeves and began to write.

     We hope this letter finds you and Honour well.
I unloaded the molasses to Will with no problem and I am bringing back dried tobacco and various other articles you had on the list for me to purchase, including a silver tea set. I know Honour will be thrilled with it. And it wasn’t even swag!
El Lobo is being fine-tuned with new sails and should be ready to set sail any day. Which brings me to the point of this letter.

     Zara is getting homesick for Barbados and her family. While Virginia is beautiful in its own rustic way, Zara misses the sea and the sun. And, to be honest, so do I.  If the situation at home warrants it, we can sail within three days of your consent.

     I miss Father and Renee and I have a lot to catch up on and a few things that need to be taken care of when I return.

     On a side note, it seems Will Harkness has been smitten. Her name is Dilcey and she is an absolute gem. Probably the only woman in the world that has been custom made for our Will. I don’t foresee any wedding bells but both seem content with their circumstances. I will tell all over a brandy when I see both you and Father in the flesh.

     Please let me put your mind at ease that Zara is well. She’s been doing a lot of riding but that is no substitute for riding on the beaches of Barbados. We are anxiously awaiting your reply and hope to see you soon.

     Yours Truly,


He sealed the envelope and put Will’s Raven seal in wax. Still amused by it, he shook his head. When I get my own household, I will have to get my own stamp, he mused.
He washed his face and quickly changed his clothes.
Knocking softly on the door, he said, “Zara? Are you ready to go?”
She opened the door and wore a very simple dress. It was soft yellow with white eyelet lace.
“No parasol?”
“It would get in my way and if I need one, I can always buy one there. Shall we ride or take the carriage?”
“I say we ride. We make better time and a carriage is for older people...like Will.”
She laughed and said,”Then let’s away, Captain Briggs!”

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Zara and Phillip stabled their horses in the town of Norfolk and headed towards the main street. All along the street were shop vendors, both inside the stores and out in the sunshine.
“Look at all the merchandise! If I find something big, however will I get it to the house?”
Phillip adjusted his hat. “If you find something, we can pay for it and then have the seller hold it for us. No one would dare try to pull anything over on us if we attach Will Harkness’s name to it.”
“So let’s start over here. Oooh, look at the beautiful china!”
He steered her away from that.
“You don’t need china. Too….domesticated.”
“Some day I might.”
“That day is probably a long way off, Zara.”
She made a face at him.

Zara unfolded a piece of paper.
“Dilcey gave me a list of all the best vendors who have unique fabrics at a fair price. Did you want to wait for me in that tavern while I check this one over there?”
“No, I’ll go with you. I promised I would watch out for you and not let you out of my sight.”
“We have to go to a shop called Babette’s then. She is a French emigree and has the latest fashions from Paris.”
She stopped at a stall as Phillip went to the one next to it.
“Madame, we have a bottle of fine spirits from Scotland. MacGregor and Sons. So strong it’s guaranteed to make a grown man beg for his mama.”
He nodded to Phillip in the next booth.
“I am sure your husband would find this excellent. The best ever to come out of Scotland.”
“Oh, he’s not my….Yes. I know. We have had it before.”
Amused that her family’s whiskey was being sold in Virginia, she bought a bottle.
“I am sure my husband would enjoy it very much.”

“So, what do you have there?” Phillip asked.
She pulled the bottle out.”Just a reminder of home.”
They laughed as they headed towards the dress shop Dilcey had recommended.
As Zara was talking with the seamstress, Babette came over to him.
“What a beautiful wife you have! And when is the baby due?”
Wh—what baby?”
“You are expecting, yes? I usually only see that glow on a woman who is enciente.”
“Ummm...no. I don’t think she is having a baby.”
“Quelle domage! But you two will have beautiful babies some day.”
Phillip gazed at Zara and said softly, “Wouldn’t we though...”

The seamstress was holding up a bolt of sky blue silk and put it next to Zara’s face. “See how the blue picks up the colour of your eyes? Your husband will love you in this!”
They both caught each other’s eye in the mirror across the room and shared a smile.

As they walked out into the sunshine, Phillip asked, “Would you like to stop for tea?”
“Make it an ale and you have a deal.”
“That’s my girl!”

They walked into a tavern called the Swan and Swallow, ordering ale and a cheese plate with biscuits.
Zara buttered a biscuit. “I swear this tastes as good as Mrs Avery’s biscuits. I really miss her. When do you think we can leave Virginia?”
“As soon as humanly possible but I would say in the next two months.”
Zara made a face.
“Andrew makes me nervous. I say we avoid Uncle Will’s soirees as much as we can.”

They made small talk.
“Phillip, you seem preoccupied. Is something bothering you?”
He shook his head.
“Let’s go, Zara.”
“What? Why? I haven’t finished my ale….oh no! You don’t see Andrew or one of his friends, do you?”
“Then let me finish my ale and my….Phillip! Will you please let go of my hand?”
“Alright, finish your ale but hurry up.”
“What’s the rush?”
“You’ll see.”
He grabbed her by the hand again and rushed her outside. Zara stood there with her hands on her hips.
“You took me away from my ale. You took me away from my cheese and biscuits. I am not moving another step until you tell me what this is about.”
He grabbed her hand once more and dragged her along.
“If I told you, it would spoil the surprise.”
“Well, I don’t get that many pleasant surprises in my life so let’s go.”

They rode out of town, Phillip being exceptionally quiet.
“Hush. I am trying to think this through.”
“Think what through?”
They rode in silence for a few miles, passing a sign that read ‘SUFFOLK VILLAGE’
“What on God’s green earth are we doing in this little god-forsaken place? I mean, it’s quaint and all that….”
Phillip tied his horse to a tree and helped her down.
“I thought of a way to keep you safe from all those ruffians and rogues that seem to latch on to Will. Not excluding the Mendozas and the Tristans of the world. And there is only one solution I can think of.”

Zara tapped her foot and gave an ‘out with it’ gesture.
“Zara Wolfe, will you marry me?”

“M—marry you? As in right now? As in this little village of Suffolk? As in I leave Will’s house a maiden and come home a missus?”
“Yeah, that is pretty much what I am saying.”
She thought a minute.

“Do I get the china?”
“Yes, you get the china.”
“And a silverware pattern?”
“I need silverware. We can’t eat with our hands.”
“Alright, yes. You get silverware.”
“What about crystal?”
“This is too much….”
“We aren’t going to drink out of tankards. We need crystal.”
“Zara, what the hell…? Alright, yes. The finest crystal I can plunder, alright?”
“If it is plundered, it might be chipped. I need chip-free crystal. Preferably from Ireland.”
“Alright, alright. We can purchase it at that china store over on the main street.”
“Bedding. We need soft, down filled comforters.”
“We can worry about that later. We have that at Will’s.”

She put her hand up.
“Wait a minute. We have a problem.”
“At the very least, one.”
“If—and I say IF—we get married, we can’t tell anyone.”
“Because if we come back married and share a conjugal bed, Uncle Will will write a letter so fast it will be on the first packet ship and Mama and Da will know before we have a chance to tell them. And Da will think the worst and Mama will suspect I will be with child because that is what happened to THEM. So...we need to keep it a secret if we get married. Until we can figure things out. After all, you are older than me and Da knows the ways of scoundrels.”
“Who’s a scoundrel?”
She touched the brim of his hat and whispered. “You are. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“So, Cookie, do we have a deal? A match?”
“Can you agree to all of the terms? The china? The silverware? The crystal? The secret?”
“You forgot the down filled comforter.”
“No, I didn’t. I wanted to see if you were paying attention.”
He raised his eyebrow.
Zara flung her arms around his neck and whispered, “Then we have a deal. Captain Briggs, I do so consent to be your wife!”

“So, we can always get married by a blacksmith. That’s the way they do it in Gretna Green.”
“Gretna Green?”
Zara smiled, “I heard the story from Gran. Remember when my family went to Scotland two years ago?”
Phillip nodded.
“Gran and I got to talking when I was helping her make shortbread. She got married in Gretna Green to Grandfather Tommy. She told me when couples wanted to elope to Scotland, the blacksmith shop was about the only place to go for a simple, uncomplicated wedding.Many daughters from respectable families chose to flee there to ‘marry a scoundrel,’ as Gran put it.
I have the feeling that Tommy was a bit of a rogue. She said the blacksmith shop was the first place you would see and the Anvil Priests would perform the ceremony for a few shillings or a dram of scotch.”
She sighed dreamily.
“The hammering of the anvil was a notorious sound. Gran said it was storied that like the metals he forged, the blacksmith would join couples together in the heat of the moment. Or whatever heat they were in. The ceremony was about ten seconds long.”
“Well, I don’t intend to drag you off to a blacksmith to get married.
“Why not? It was simple.
‘Are you of marriageable age? Yes.’
‘Are you free to marry? Yes.’‘You are now married.’ “
This one will be iron-clad. And I don’t need a blacksmith for that. I’ll find a vicar.”
“You know, the funny thing is I think Aggie and Tommy HAD to get married. She never qute said so, but I think Uncle Angus was born about five months into their---HEY! Stop pulling on me!”
“Look, do you want to get married or not? Because it is now or never. We are standing in front of this little Congregationalist church. It’s Wednesday, the moon is full tonight and I love you. So, as you always do….”
Phillip tapped his foot and gave an ‘out with it’ gesture.
Zara bit her lip.”I do that, don’t I?”{
“Yes. Come on, Zara. Let’s do this. At the very least, it will be a great story to tell our children.”
“Children! Phillip, we never even discussed...”
He swiftly kissed her. “Let’s talk about it later. Much later.”
She put her hand in his and as they walked by the town square, Phillip plucked a bunch of daffodils.
“It’s not a bouquet of roses….but these suit you so much better.”
“And they go SO well with my breeches.”
They laughed and walked into the church.
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“Hello? Hello?” Phillip called out.
A disheveled man came out from behind the altar.
‘’Who you be lookin’ for?”
“We would like to see the vicar on a matter of extreme urgency.”
“Would you now?”
The man wiped his mouth and let out a belch.
“Ooops, excuse me.”
“If you are the custodian, would you please tell the vicar we are here.”
“Custodian? CUSTODIAN?”
The man bowed with a flourish.
“My dear children, I am indeed the vicar. Vicar Vickers is my name. And I am so very, very drunk.”

Phillip groaned and Zara started to giggle. The vicar started to slump down the wall, catching himself and struggled to upright himself with all the dignity he could muster.
“Ooops! You must excuse me. There was a bottle of sacramental wine.”

Phillip stared at him. “Let me get this straight. You are drunk?”
Zara stood with her mouth open. “Can he do that?”
“Looks like he already did.”

Vicar Vickers drew himself up to all five-feet of himself and sniffed defensively.
“It’s allowed. I leave the left over wine out till Wednesday. If the good Lord wants it, he can have it. After that---” he picked up the bottle “--it’s mine.” He cradled the bottle to his chest.

Exasperatedly, Phillip asked, “Can you do a wedding from the Book of Common Prayer?”
“Can I do it? Can I DO it?”
‘Can you?”
“I’m asking you if you think I CAN do it?”

Phillip rolled his eyes. “Where is your Book of Common Prayer?”
“Oh...the BCP. Around here….somewhere.”
“Is there a place around here where you keep books? You know...like the Bible?”
Vicar Vickers reached down under a table leg.
“It props up the table leg but don’t tell the Bishop. I swear, if they just weren’t so damn stingy, we’d get a better vintage of sacramental wine, too, instead of this spirit from the northern Colonies. If Jesus were here, he’d make us a better wine….”
Phillip grabbed the Book and turned the pages.
“Here.The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony.”
The vicar snapped, “Sure, go ahead and mess it up. Wait---are you of legal age?”
He turned to Zara.
“Yes, your vicarness. I am seventeen.”
He turned to Phillip, “And how long have you known said seventeen year old bride? And I don’t mean carnally.”
“I have known her since she was eighteen months old.”
“Well, I guess that is long enough. Shall we begin?”
“Please do.”

The vicar cleared his throat and began:

“Dearly beloved”--he looked around and saw no one---”Be that as it may….”
“Go ahead. We will find some dearly beloved later.” Phillip said.
“We are gathered together in the Fight of God,”
“Fight?” the vicar puzzled out.
Phillip grabbed the book. “It says SIGHT. The ‘s’ is printed like an ‘f’. Old English and all that rot.”
“Do you mind?” the vicar said peevishly.
“Be my guest.”
 “...and  in the face of this congregation--” He looked around again. Phillip impatiently replied, “Yes, yes, we know. Beloved congregation and all that...”
“Do you mind? I was just getting warmed up. Now where was I?”
He mumbled. “Oh! Here’s a good one!”
“...therefor is not by any to be enterprised, nor taken in hand, unadvisedly, lightly or wantonly, to satisfy men’s carnal lusts and appetites...”
He looked at Phillip. “Are you hungry?”
Zara burst out laughing.
“Oh, come ON!” Phillip exclaimed.
“Alright..alright...First, for the procreation of children,---”
“We haven’t discussed that.”
“Hadn’t you better?”
“Later. Much later.”
“May I continue?”
“Please do.”
“Second, it was ordained as a remedy against sin, and to avoid fornication, ...”
Zara whispered, “Too late.”
“What did you say?”
“We just ate. You know, the appetite thing.” Zara replied

Finally Phillip grabbed the Book of Common Prayer.
“Let me do this. Obviously you are in no shape to consecrate this bond of holy union.”
“Hey! I am not so very think as you drunk I am. And you are usurping my authority.”
“Who wrote this stuff anyways?”
The vicar drew himself up. “Jesus Christ.”
Phillip looked at the frontpiece. “Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury.”
“Well, I am sure Jesus told him to write it.”
“As of now, I am taking over.”
He thumbed through the pages and said, “Too long,” and threw the book over his shoulder.
“Zara Wolfe, I’ve loved you my whole life. Do you consent to be my wife through thick and thin, through smooth sailing and stormy seas?”
“I do. And now I have a few questions for you.”
“Here we go,” Phillip sighed. “This isn’t about that china, is it?”
“Alright. Go ahead.”
“Phillip Briggs, do you consent to be my lawfully wedded husband, forsaking all redheads and governor’s daughters? I mean, just so we are clear on this.”
“I do.”

The vicar piped up with, “Do you have rings?”
“Hey, I was just asking, that’s all. Because that is usually the funny part. You wouldn’t believe the number of times...”
“We’ll get to the ring later.”
“Do you want the part on sickness and health?” Because I am good at that.”

Vicar Vickers looked around.
“Who giveth this woman to be married to this man?”
He looked around. “Oh. Yes. Do you want me to do it?”
Zara said, “Why not?”
The vicar said, “Alright. Now is my favorite part. I am good at this one.”
He intoned, “Forasmuch as Sara and Flip have consented together in holy wedlock, and have witnessed the same before God and this company—if we had one—and thereto have given and pledged their trough either to other, and have declared the same by giving and receiving of a ring—if they had one—and by joining of hands, I pronounce that they be man and wife together, In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy….”

By this time, Phillip drew Zara in a deep embrace and kissed her tenderly on the lips.
“...oh, what the hell!” Vicar Vickers sighed.
“Amen.” He concluded.

Zara’s eyes started to fill with tears of happiness.
“It’s like a dream come true. I only wish Mama and Da, Renee and Uncle Josie were here.”
Phillip grabbed her hand. “Tell you what, Cookie. If we were to keep quiet about this and no one knows, we can have a real wedding when we get back to Barbados. No one will be the wiser, the Barbados one can be our anniversary, and today will be the wedding that only the two of us—and Vicar Vickers here—know about. And I doubt he will remember it.”
Vicar Vickers hiccuped, “That could work.”

“Can you sign the marriage license, Vicar?”
“Can I sign it? Can I sign it?”
“Can you?”
“I don’t know. Can I?”
Phillip sighed, took the quill and put it in the vicar’s hand. Carefully he guided the vicar’s hand.
“What is your first name?”
“Are you serious? Vicar Victor Vickers?”
“Well, my friends call me Andy.”
Phillip raised his eyebrow.
“Don’t ask.”

Phillip grabbed the paper and waved it to let the ink dry.
“I guess that is it.”
The vicar hiccuped.
‘Pleasure doing business with you!”
“This is legal, right?”
“Spiritual too. Now, go, my children, and sin no more.”

Zara and Phillip walked out into the sunlight.
“I can’t believe it, Phillip! We really did it!”
Phillip laughed. “I guess I can be as impulsive as you.”
She linked her arm with his. “Any regrets?”
“None...so far.”
She smacked his arm slightly.
“Let me try this on for size.”
“Try what?”
Zara got a dreamy look on her face. “Mrs. Zara Briggs. How does that sound?”
“It sounds like it was meant to be.”
“What about the other problem?”
“Which one?”
“The….Barbados problem. A man cannot have a wife AND a fiancee.”
“Oh. That.”
“Yes. That.”
“I am sure Lenore will throw a hissy fit.”
“But you won’t tell her you are already married, will you?”
He shook his head. “No. Not if we want a proper wedding without your parents knowing. I’ll think of something. The end result will probably be thrown crockery.”
“With any chance she will have found someone else while you are in Virginia.”
“Maybe. Doubtful.”

She turned to Phillip and gave him a kiss.
“Let’s go back to Will’s. After all, it is our wedding day. And night. But first I have to stop at that booth that sells silk.”
“And I have to go to the booth next to it. I saw a pipe there for your da.”

Zara quickly walked over to the booth and whispered to the vendor, “Do you remember me?”
“Of course I do, pretty lady. You come back for the blue silk?”
“No, I came back for that silk chemise. The pale green one.”
“Ah. Very good choice, miss.”
“It’s missus. Can you wrap it up discreetly?”
“No problem. Special occasion?”
She whispered, “I just got married.”
“And he doesn’t know?” He nodded towards Phillip.
She laughed with him.
“Of course he knows! He’s my husband!” she said proudly. “Just wrap it up quickly.”
“Fortunate man!”
She winked at him. “I think so too!”

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Phillip and Zara walked into the house.
“Shhh! Not a word!” she whispered.
Will was just sitting down to dinner.
“Ah, there you are! I was beginning to think that you would be eating in town. How was your day?”
Phillip replied, “Oh..uneventful.”
Zara piped up with, “I got some shopping done. Let me put my parcels up in my room.”
Phillip had his hands full too.
“Most of these are Zara’s so I will take these things up.”

As they got to the door, Phillip kicked it open gently with his foot, his arms laden with Zara’s packages. He dumped them on the bed.
“Where’s the china?” she asked.
“I told the vendor to deliver it tomorrow to the back door in a package labeled ‘BOOTS’. Will won’t question what is in it, knowing your penchant for footwear.
She put her arms around him and sighed contentedly, “You’re the best husband I ever had!”
“I’m the ONLY husband you ever had! And we had better get down to dinner and pretend to be just good friends.”
“Since it is our wedding night, I presume you won’t let me spend it alone?”
“Not a chance.”
“Let me freshen up and I will meet you down in the dining room. That way we won’t look too obvious.”
“Smart girl!”

Phillip sauntered into the dining room and took his place at the table. Will looked over his wine glass at him.
“You don’t look none the worse for wear. I take it she behaved herself and didn’t bet the ship again.”
Phillip laughed, “No, we had a nice day. We stopped at the Swan and Swallow for cheese and biscuits. Then we looked around town for a bit.”
“Where is she?”
He shrugged. “She said something about freshening up and...ah, there she is!”

Zara had changed into a simple dress for dinner and came down in her stocking feet.
“I didn’t think you would mind, Uncle Will. I just hated the thoughts of putting my boots back on.”
“Not at all, my dear. Phillip, did you get your letter to Jack on the packet boat?”
“I did. I also got a note off to Renee and Father. It will be good to see them again. I never realized how much Renee had come to mean as a mother to me.”
“She’s a lovely, lively woman. I take it Josiah is treating her right.”
“Like fine china. They are perfectly suited for one another.”

Dilcey took her usual seat across from Will.
“The cook has prepared a wonderful roast chicken with wild rice and carrots. And for dessert we have apple pie.”

The dinner progressed with Phillip and Zara making small talk about their day with Will and Dilcey.
After the pie and coffee was served and eaten, Zara stood up and pushed her chair in.
“If you don’t mind, Uncle Will...Dilcey….it has been a long day and suddenly I have the urge to stretch out on my bed and relax with something to read.”
Phillip took her cue and pushed his chair in also.
“And I have a few invoices to go over. I forgot to tell you we stopped at the shipwright’s and he needs payment.”
Dilcey looked up from her coffee. “By all means, go catch up on some rest. Have a wonderful night.”
“Oh, we will!” they both said in unison and then exchanged looks.
“I mean….Zara enjoys her books and I will get the paperwork done. Nothing like a good day’s work followed by a satisfying good night’s rest.”

From the hallway, Dilcey and Will heard the soft laughter of Zara and Will whisper something to her.
“What the hell is that about?” Will asked.
Dilcey looked after them.
“I don’t know. But it sounds like they had a grand adventure today.”
“I’ll miss them when they leave.”
“So will I. It’s never a dull moment with those two.”

Dilcey thoughtfully stirred the cream into her coffee.
‘I don’t know what is going on with you two...but you sure didn’t spend any time at the shipwright’s.’

Zara stopped Phillip at her door.
“You aren’t letting me in?”
“Give me half an hour to freshen up. After all, it’s our wedding night and I only get one of those. I want to look my best.”
“Zara, you could wear a burlap sack and you would look devastating.”
She laughed softly as she closed the door in his face. Phillip wandered down to his room and rummaged in a velvet bag he had in his drawer.
‘I knew it would come in handy!’
He sat on his bed and held it in his hand, contemplating the day’s adventure. Sure, it was the right thing to do, marrying Zara. He began to have a moment of uneasiness as he tried to picture what Jack would say.

‘WHAT? How DARE you marry my little girl without even asking me for my permission!’
‘WHAT? Married? You old son of a gun! I couldn’t be more pleased with you as a son in law!”

Phillip shrugged his shoulders to this mental conversation. He had a feeling the scenario would be somewhere between the two.
Honour may be a different story. She would cry, no doubt. After all, this was her firstborn daughter. Losing Zara to be a wife may not sit too well with her, especially since it opened up the opportunity to make her a grandmother….
Phillip shook his head as if to rid himself of that notion. After all, he didn’t think that far ahead.
Time for that later….way later.

He softly knocked on Zara’s door.
“Come in”
Zara stood by the window, wearing a beautiful silky pale green chemise trimmed in ecru lace.
She gave him a shy smile.
“I ran over to the vendor and bought it while you were occupied. Do you like it?”
“Like it? Mrs. Briggs, I don’t think I have ever seen you looking so radiant.”
“I could have bought red lace, you know.” she teased.
“Somehow, this seems to suit you. Now close your eyes.”

He led her to the bed, her hands over her eyes. Gently he took her hand and slipped a ring with an emerald on her finger. She opened her eyes and gasped.
“Phillip! This is just too beautiful! Where on earth did you get it?”
“Do you want the truth or the lie?”
“The lie first.”
“I bought it in Tortuga. I knew this day would come and I was saving it for you.”
“Now the truth.”
“I took it off a Portuguese ship in ‘70. It was so beautiful I didn’t have the heart to barter it away. So I always said I would save it for the woman who would become my wife.”
She held her hand out and admired it.
“But...I am afraid I have to put it away. Will and Dilcey will be sure to notice it and then the questions will begin.”
“I agree. Oh...and here.”
He handed her a piece of paper. “Our marriage certificate. Do you want to keep it in your drawer?”
“I’ll put it under the chemises I have. No one ever goes in there.”
She smoothed it out.
“I just can’t believe we actually did it!”
“Yeah….in spite of Vicar Vickers.”
“Andy. After all, you became his friend in the end!”
They both laughed.
Zara drew the covers back on the bed as Phillip opened up a bottle of madeira wine.
He handed her a glass and said, “Here’s to us.”
“Forever and ever,” she replied.
He took her in his arms and gently laid her down on the bed.
Before too long, the silky pale green chemise had served its purpose and resided on the floor.
Phillip’s clothes soon joined hers.
There was nothing more to be said.

“Phillip? Phillip! Wake up! It’s daylight!”
Phillip blearily opened one eye.
She slipped her chemise on and started gathering up his clothes, throwing them in his face.
“You have to go! We can’t let Dilcey and Will know!”
He rolled over and punched the pillow.
“A few more minutes….”
“NO! You have to sneak back to your room!”
“Zara, this is ridiculous.”  He closed his eyes.
She began to tug on his leg, trying to drag him out of his bed.
“They can’t find out! Will will write a letter to Mama and Da so fast your head will spin!”
He sat up. “Would it really be that bad if they found out?”
Zara picked his boots up and shoved them under her bed.
“You can pick them up later. Hurry! You know how Will is. He never sleeps!”
Philllip groaned as he threw his shirt over his head.
“I hate moving so fast after such a productive night. I can’t see why we can’t at least tell Will we are lovers and that we are going to share a bed.”
“Because….because…I am still a little girl in his eyes. And you are ten years older and he will think you seduced me and then he will be all mad...”
“No, he won’t. He knows you are in love with me as I am with you. Good Lord, you know he and Dilcey are enjoying each other without the benefits of matrimony. Why should he get all high and mighty over this?”
“We’ll talk about this later. I’ll see you downstairs for breakfast in an hour. Go…..pay some invoices or something.”

Phillip looked both ways and quietly walked down towards his room. His shirt tail was out, the shirt itself was wrinkled and he was barefoot. Footsteps were coming up the stairs as he slipped into the laundry room and drew the door shut. The doorknob turned and Phillip flattened himself on the floor. An armful of laundry caught him in the face as the door shut again. He tossed the clothes into the laundry bin which was waiting to be taken downstairs to the washing tubs. He waited a few minutes and then quietly opened to door, to find Will standing there.
“Phillip? What on earth are you doing in the laundry room?”
“Oh...Will. Hi. I...um...thought I had left a ten-pound note in the pocket of the shirt I wore yesterday.”
“Isn’t that the shirt that you have on?”
Phillip patted himself down.
“Oh...um...quite right.”
Will waited while Phillip patted himself down looking for the money.
“Oh..what do you know...I just remembered that I left it on the dresser.”
Will continued to stare at him.
“Well, I guess I will see you at breakfast, Will.”

“Phillip, you left...”
Zara had opened the door right at that moment, wearing that gauzy pale green chemise, her hair in disarray and a soft look about her.
Will asked, “Phillip left...what, Zara?”
She thought fast. “Phillip left a note under my door asking me what I wanted to do today. I...heard voices. And so I thought I would...catch Phillip before he headed to his room. That’s all.”
Will frowned with a look of disbelief on his face.
“Alright, we’ll let it go at that for the time being.”
Without turning as he walked down the stairs, “Do come up with a more plausible  story,  Zara Jane.”
Phillip had put his hand over Zara’s mouth.
“He knows! He knows now!”
“He has no proof. I hid in the laundry room.”
“Never mind. Maybe he won’t say anything at breakfast. I’ll see you downstairs in half an hour. He probably won’t mention it.”
“I hope not. We just have to be more careful.”
As she turned to go, Phillip gave her rump a soft, swift swat.
She giggled as the door shut.

“More coffee, dear?”
Dilcey held the pot out and he offered her his cup as he read the morning newsprint.
“Those two are at it again.”
“I found Phillip hiding in the laundry room and Zara came out of her room a few minutes later looking all dreamy-eyed and glowing.”
Dilcey took a deep sip of her coffee.
“Would it be so terrible after all that they have been through?”
Will smiled. “I guess not. But it is so much damn fun watching them try to outsmart us.”

When Zara entered the room, she handed Will a note. Hastily scrawled on it was, ‘What plans for today?’
“Here’s the note,” Zara said.
As if on cue, Phillip entered the room. “Oh, I see you got my note.”
Zara nodded. “I thought we might go down to the harbor.”
“Good idea. Seafood is always good for lunch and I want to see how El Lobo is coming along.”
Will put his paper down. “I thought you did that yesterday.”
“I...did. But the shipwright wants me to approve the new sails he is putting on.
“Ah, yes. Pink is quite the wrong choice for sails, isn’t it?”
“I didn’t order pink sails.”
“Good. Jack would have a fit.”
Dilcey passed a platter of pancakes to them. “I think you should have a lovely day.”

The conversation was casual and within an hour, Zara and Phillip excused themselves to get ready for their outing.
“Nicely played with that note, darling,” Phillip whispered.
“Thank you! I had to think fast. Now he has to believe me!”

As they walked up the stairs, Will looked at the note again.
“Odd, darling….but the note is in a distinctly feminine hand. Unless Phillip has decided to dot his ‘i’s with hearts. Then Josiah has a whole other problem on his hands!”
He passed the note to Dilcey and she read it, a broad smile on her face.
“See what you can find out.”
“Yes, dear. I just love our little detective games, don’t you?”
Will just gave her a smile and a wink.

“Mr. Samuelson?”
“Ah, Captain Briggs! How goes it?”
“Very well, thank you. I’d like to introduce you to my wife.”
Zara glowed with pleasure at being presented that way.
“A pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Briggs.”
“And I have payment.” Phillip wrote out a draft for the amount due so far.
“I have a sketch of the replacement masthead.”
Samuelson showed him a drawing of a ferocious looking bird with outstretched wings.
“Ah! That is outstanding, Mr Samuelson!”
“It should be ready in a few weeks.”
“Wonderful! Hopefully by that time we will be ready to sail back to Barbados. I know my wife is getting a bit homesick. I’ll come by later in the week to check on the progress.”
“That will be fine, Captain. Until then.”

Dilcey entered Zara’s room with a few chemises that had been brought up from the laundry.
The cat had followed her into the room.
“Scat, Finn!”
But Finn was tugging on something under the bed.
“You’d better not be tearing up the rug, you rascal!”
Dilcey got down on her hands and knees and moved the cat. When she dragged him out, a boot came out with him.
‘Well, the plot thickens!  It seems as though Captain Briggs did spend the night.’
She smiled as she realized the reason for the euphoric mood of Zara at breakfast.
As she opened up the dresser drawer to lay the chemises in, her eyes fell on a piece of paper tucked in the corner.

She unfolded it and read:

Know this by all in the Colony of Virginia, that on June 14, 16--(whatever the year is) appeared before me Captain Phillip Briggs, son of Josiah Briggs and the later Anne ----- Briggs of Bridgetown, Barbados, and Miss Zara Jane Wolfe, daughter of John Michael Wolfe and Rhiannon Conaway Wolfe, also of Bridgetown, have consented to be united in holy matrimony.
Performed by Vicar Victor Vickers by the powers vested by the Colony of Virginia and the Holy Word of God.

Dilcey carefully folded the paper and tucked it back in the drawer.
‘Well….this certainly explains a lot!’

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“Zara, I am getting tired of this subterfuge. I don’t feel like sneaking back to my room. I want to wake up with you in my arms and start the day off right, if you know what I mean.”
Zara laid in Phillip’s arms, gently tracing her finger up and down his arm while he stroked her hair.
“Just a little while longer, darling. I don’t know how Uncle Will would react to this.”
“I think he would be fine with it.”
“Let me think about it. It isn’t fair for him to find out before our parents.”
He raised his head and looked out the window.
“The sun is coming up.”
“So it is.”
“Start of a new day, you know?”
“You know what I mean.”
Zara giggled as Phillip rolled over onto her.
“It’s so much more fun when you don’t have that chemise on.”
‘But after, you have to go.”
“No ‘maybe’. Until we figure this out.”
“Zara Jane?”
“You talk too much.”
“So...a little less talk and a lot more action, Captain.”
“Now you’re getting the idea.”
Phillip kissed her deeply as his hand gently slid over her curves.
At that point, Zara shut up. Because she had no more words to say.

Phillip grabbed his pants and put them on.
“The boots are still under the bed,” Zara remarked.
“And that is where they will stay till I can come back and get them. They make too much noise going down the hall.”
Zara sat up.
“Look. It’s starting to rain. Do you really have to go?”
“I’ll tell you what. I will find some excuse and come back in a half an hour. I’ll tell Will I have papers to go over and then I will sneak back. I can’t think of a more delightful way to spend the day.”
Zara stretched her arms over her head.
“Hurry back then.”

Phillip opened the door and backed out of it, buttoning his shirt.
“Darling...nobody does it better.”
He chuckled, “I know.”
As he turned around, he came nose to nose with Will.
And Will did not have on a happy face.
He looked at Phillip and said quietly, “Jack Wolfe is going to expect his daughter to arrive back in Barbados in the same condition she left. Can you honestly hand her over to him knowing you took advantage of her?”
Phillip could feel his face getting hot.
“What on earth are you talking about? No one took advantage of anyone.”
“Seriously, Phillip? A man ten years her senior who has been in more beds than I can count, and a young impressionable girl at that?”
“She’s hardly a girl anymore, Will.”
“You saw to that.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“Jack put her into your care and gave you his trust and this is how you repay him?  You will be lucky if he doesn’t run you through. Not to mention what Honour will say. Because if he doesn’t run you through, Honour will.”
“Will, listen---”
“You had nothing better to do on a voyage than pass time with the captain’s daughter. If you weren’t the son of Renee and Josiah I would do run you through myself.”
“You don’t understand---”
“I understand perfectly.”
“It’s not what you--”
“I am responsible for that young lady.:ll
“--think. We---”
“And what are you going to do if she is in the family way?”
“Family way? Will, don’t you think you are---”
“I can’t imagine what Honour will say.”
“---jumping the gun here?”
“Where in the HELL do you think babies come from, Phillip?”
“But we---”
“---haven’t thought that far?”
“Will, PLEASE!”
“I know Josiah will be appalled.”
“Who is going to tell---”
“Renee would be happy, I am sure. She has always been an unconventional woman.”
“”Would you just LISTEN---”
“Josiah will be apologizing to Jack for the rest of his life.”
“Will, I can’t get a word---”
“And not to mention Stella---”
“Will, we got married.” Phillip blurted out.

Will looked bewildered for probably the first time in his life.
“Wh-what? What did you say?”
Phillip drew a deep sigh.
“We got married yesterday, Will.”

Captain Harkness stood there for a minute trying to digest the information when Zara’s door opened quietly.
“It’s true, Uncle Will.”
He looked from one to the other.
Phillip and Zara exchanged glances.
“I’ll handle this,” he said.
She nodded.
“Uncle Will, I am sorry we didn’t say anything at dinner yesterday.”
Will tapped his walking stick on the floor.
“Zara, dear, I will see you at dinner. Captain Briggs, do come with me, smart arse.”
Phillip gave Zara’s hand a squeeze and whispered, “It will be alright, love.”

Will and Phillip entered his study.
“Brandy, Phillip?”
“I don’t know. Is it laced with arsenic?”
“Don’t be absurd.”
“I’m not.”
“Do you think I would make that little girl a widow?”
“Please don’t refer to her as a little girl.”
Will held his hand up. “I only meant that affectionately. To me she will always be that little toddler with a cookie ready to share with me.”
Phillip accepted the brandy.
“I’m sorry, Will. So much has happened this week. Actually since our voyage.”
Will sighed. “I know, Phillip. I didn’t mean to come across as hard. I knew the two of you were..involved.”
“How did you know that?”
“Do I have gullible written across my forehead? It wasn’t hard to figure out. The quiet laughter in her room, the door knob grating….the soft footfalls down the hall to your room.”
“I don’t want you to think I took advantage, Will. I love her.”
“I know,” Will said quietly.
Phillip gave a deep sigh. “We wanted to keep it a secret until we could tell Jack and Honour. Please respect our wishes and don’t send a note on the fastest packet ship. This is Zara’s decision.”
“What prompted the notion to get married, if I may ask?”
“You may. I think it started with Tranquillo Mendoza. I came so close to losing her. And I was afraid.”
“Afraid of my feelings for her and afraid of losing her. The duel was the clincher. I never wanted her to feel afraid of losing me again.”
Will nodded.
“We were sitting in a tavern having a bite to eat at the Swan and Swallow and suddenly it came to me.”
“We were on the ship’s top deck and talking. Just about nothing and everything. Zara asked me what I wanted in a woman. I told her . And it came to me as she was buttering her biscuit.”
“You lost me, Phillip.”
“Suddenly I got this vision of her sitting across from me at a breakfast table, and it felt so...right.”
He took another sip of his brandy. “I want what Jack and Honour have. What my father and Renee have. And I couldn’t see that with any other woman but Zara. Not with Lenore for sure. We had already been involved since that...incident with Mendoza.”
“You’re going to have a problem, Phillip.”
“With what?”
“Have you looked under the captain’s bed lately?”
Phillip’s face coloured.
“I thought so. Captain Jack Wolfe most likely rigged it. Did it collapse?”
“Well….kind of...”
Will knocked back his brandy and said with a self-satisfied smirk, “I rest my case.”

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