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Renaissance Magazine covering our 25'th Anniversary

Started by Lord William, January 28, 2011, 02:30:43 PM

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Lord William

Greetings everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that Renaissance Magazine will be coming to do a photo shoot of our 25'th anniversary this year. If you haven't made it to the faire before, or even if you're a regular... this will be THE year to pay us a visit! Spread the word to all of your friends!! The pics will be either in the July or September 2012 issues of the magazine.


Twenty seasons of covering renaissance  festivals. Photos/calendar/blog.
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Lady Catherine

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Lord William

Greetz again!

QuoteOriginally posted by Amy:
Oh how fun! Will it be both days of the faire?

They will be there both days of the faire.

QuoteOriginally posted by Lady Catherine:
yay!!! awesome!!  what about the feast?

Due to schedule conflicts, they can only cover the faire. We were hoping for both, but that's ok. It will be great none the less!!


I definately plan on being there in garb, it would be cool to see one's picture in the magazine!  ;D


Current issue has some folks from KYRF.  You might see some one you know.
Twenty seasons of covering renaissance  festivals. Photos/calendar/blog.
Fairy photographer


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Lord William

QuoteOriginally posted by BLAKDUKE:
The feast will still be held correct.

Indeed my Lord. The Feast is on the 3'rd Saturday, October 15'th. Tickets are still $25 and go on sale Monday, October 3'rd. Here is the tentative menu. The chef is still "tweaking" a bit, but for the most part I would say the majority is a go.

1st Course

Brou de Galines / Chicken Broth
Chicken broth with minced chicken, ginger, spices, slivered almonds, & parsley.

Lletugat / Lettuce Puree
Lettuce mix with onion & cheese, tossed with vinegar & oil.


2nd Course

A Farcir Capons / To Stuff Capons
1/2 game hen stuffed w/ ground pork, beaten eggs, spices, & white grape juice. Garnished with a sweet lemon sauce.

Espinacs / Spinach
Chopped spinach cooked in olive oil.

Alidem ab Ous / Parsley sauce with eggs
A salad of chopped hard boiled eggs, onions, parsley, oil, vinegar, & spices.

Presentation of Thier Royal Majesties' Wafer

3rd Course

Salsa A Tota Carn / Sauce for any kind of meat
Roast Beef in a sauce of broth, fried parsley & onions.

Cirons Tendres / Tender Chickpeas
Chick peas in almond milk, with onions, basil, marjoram,herbs, ginger,& grape juice.

Porrada / Leek Puree
Chopped leeks fried in oil.

4th Course

Nous Confites / Candied Walnuts
Walnuts candied in honey.

Ordiat / Barley Cream
Barley pudding of milk & sugar.