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Re: This one time at Faire....
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That is funny, what the person said! His line was brilliant!
"Love can make a summer fly, or a night seem like a lifetime." -Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Re: This one time at Faire....
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I had forgotten about this one so here it is.

There was a large group a family clearly granpa wanted to spoil his girls so he said fresh flower garlands for the lot of them. The ages were pre teen to maybe kindergarten age, so the girls and I got the garlands on their heads and all situated. The youngest the kindergardner was the one that was in my charge, I worry that the little ones may fuss with the fresh flower garlands so I told her that she needs to be nice to the flowers because thats where some fairies live. So while they were waiting for granpa to finish paying I hear the girls brother loudly say " But I dont see any fairies in there!" I look over and he is looking in the flowers on her head. It was so funny

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Re: This one time at Faire....
« Reply #17 on: November 06, 2011, 01:34:10 AM »
One of my most cherised moments was my first time out to TRF in '09. I was seeing Sound & Fury fort he first time. We had come in a couple minutes late but it was very apparent how bawdy and hillarious it was. Now there are 2 sandwhich type sings say this is a PG13 show. The show as Romeo & Juilet and word v*gina comes up before long. Note that a mother with 2 boys later grade school age sit down next to us a couple benches down. There is this voice.... "Mommy, what's a v*gina?" OMG even the performers noticed and they said with the mike on "Did you not read the sign?"....The Mother grabed the kids and flew out of there like you wouldn't beleive it. I make that show one of my standards and I just fight to stay seated on my bench they make me laught so hard. Wonder what the shows gonna be this year :)

I guess she can't say "ask you mother!" about it.  ;D
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