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peg leg want to fight!

Started by silasraven, October 22, 2011, 06:25:48 PM

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well no fake leg but i do want to learn to sword fight. ever since i was younger, got any ideas? im pretty good at balance.


Would you be interested in videos or hands on training?  

If hands on, where are you located?

Here's what I've found so far...
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both sound wonderful, i live in fayetteville NC and am on limited income as many people. fencing only allows people to sit in chair with my circumstance


You might try the SCA. We had a pair of fighters in the Steppes who lost a leg below the knee and learned to fight.
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There are other medieval groups as well-
Most if not all are more than willing to teach


well im moving so washington state might have something. ive got my sword and my bow. i know how to fire. but as for fighting. maybe stick to a tree for now. even if i had wooden swords i doubt someone would be interested. while here i fayetteville that is. but thank you for the information


sent an email to one of the board admins. so im praying.


I'm trying to check the membership of SCA.