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May is not a long way off.   Looking forward to the upcoming work shops the owners of Castlton are offering for FOF charter members this year.    They have some nice packages that include three levels with various degrees of perks.

If you plan to visit for a first time, you'll find this faire worth the time.  I am told that Circa Paleo will be there again on the final weekend. 

I won't call this a "countdown" thread but . . . maybe just an anticipation thread with an offer of unofficial answers and such to newcomers for any first time visitors that have questions about the area or camping or just the faire in general from a playtron's perspective.   This will be my 6th or 7th ( I lost count) year of attending this faire as a playtron.   It seems to offer something or several somethings new,  every year.

Looking forward to a visit from Merlin and Nim this season. 

 If you are attending, look us up and say hello. 

  We can point you in the direction of free water if ye budget be tight this year.   ;D 

Merlin the Elder:
Kind of you to mention us, Archer! We're looking forward to another visit to Castleton as well! We very much enjoyed it last year. This is already turning out to be a packed Spring schedule for us!

We're counting on seeing you two and have ye space all ready to go.

OKRF or Castleton or Castle of Muskogee ( all these names are used ) link for information:

You'll see some RFer faces in the gallery section at that link.  MtE, I'll have your beverage ready to celebrate your journey.

 We're looking forward to getting to Texas for the upcoming big event.  8)

Rani Zemirah:
Merlin, you'll have to let us know which weekend you and Nim will be attending, so we can be sure to be there!  I'm not sure how many weekends we'll be able to make it out, but if you two will be there, then of course so will we!!! 

Lady Renee Buchanan:
I started a thread, Visitors from the North, because 4 of us are hoping to come over Memorial Day.  Any answers to my abundant questions would be much appreciated!  We've never been, but this faire has been highly recommended to us, and we look forward to our visit.


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