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After seeing the concerns people had about people in scooters (good and bad.)  I wanted to ask a couple questions regarding strollers.  When at a show is it best to park you stroller out of the way, or just move it in front of you? 
I don't want to block anyone's view, or cause a problem that ruins fuzzlet's first time at faire.  Any suggestions on good stroller etiquette would be appreciated.

Merlin the Elder:
If you were to park yourselves on the outside of the row, with your stroller alongside of you, I can't imagine any possible objection to that. It doesn't always offer you an optimal line-of-sight, but you won't interfere with anyone else's view.

Rani Zemirah:
This is true, although I have also often seen strollers parked off to the side, with the family seated where they are better able to see.  I think it might depend on the stage, as well... with some having more free space than others.  Some shows are longer than others, as well, so you might want to check that before you sit down with a potentially squirming baby on your lap...  :D  Oh, and I know you're aware of how loud some shows are, so you might want to try getting sweet pea used to some sort of ear covering, or ear plugs, as well, before the actual event. 

Sitting in the back with the stroller parked behind you seems to be the best option for keeping the stroller out of the way and for quick getaways if baby acts up. End of row seating is also helpful if you can get the stroller out of the side aisles. I don't know how easy this is, however, because I have almost always just wore or carried my girls at Faire. Best of luck!!!!! And you had BETTER take and post TONS of pictures!!! :D

Yes yes, there will be loads of photos taken.  We are hoping the weather isn't too cold that she can just wear her baby smock (we haven't tried on her baby pink pirate yet) and be comfy. If it is too cold she will just wear her pirate's treasure outfit.

Why I brought this up is so many times I have seen people bring strollers into show and park them in the center of aisles, and make people go around.  Or they will be in a row but park it in front of them or beside them.  It blocks the parents view and sometimes those behind them.  I didn't want to be "one of those people."

Also how do you handle shops?  or does it depend on the shop?


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