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Visiting Pittsburgh end of Feb

Started by amy, February 08, 2012, 02:54:12 PM

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Quote from: Merlin the Elder on February 21, 2012, 05:11:57 PM
It's been my experience that because bad news travels the fastest, some places may not get a fair shake on sites like Yelp, and a half-dozen reviews is hardly a good sampling, unless it just opened a day or so ago.  What did you dislike about the food when you ate there, kcdcchef?

Jerome Bettis's - went 4 times now. Everytime it's because someone from out of town who is a Steeler fan wants to go. So been 4 times. Can detail all four.
First time - All four of us ordered maccaroni and cheese. It is one of their signature dishes, so they say. All four of them show up cold, not warm, COLD. All four were refrigerator cold. And cheese sauce was scorched. Same visit, ordered wings. Showed up half raw. Sent them back, showed them the pink meat, literally, inside the white part of the meat it was medium rare pink looking. Ordered boneless wings in their place. Showed up without being tossed in sauce. Drizzled over the top, what the hell?
Second time - Ordered their towering nachos. Literally sits 10" high on a plate, HUGE. All chips. No toppings, just chips, with the toppings sprinkled on the top. So you have 9.5" of chips, with the stuff sprinkled over the top. Not very much either. Then ordered the fried hoagie, a signature item. So greasy, and chewy, couldn't get through it.
Third Trip - ordered the burger, simple item. Ordered Medium. Well done, charred hard on the outside. Fries had no salt or pepper. Lettuce is wilted and has brown spots. Tomatoes were slimy.
Fourth Trip - ordered the cheesesteak, was burnt to a crisp. BURNT. Firecracker shrimp showed up boiled instead of friend, no breading. NONE.

Place sucks. Never go. Seriously. Food tastes like penitentiary food. And I know many places in PGH that have been open under a year that have a million reviews that are awesome. It really does stink. Very gimmicky.
Tilted kilt - been. Horrid. No atmosphere whatsoever. None. Hate to be this way because I want to support local institutions. I really do. But these ones arent worth it. Bettis's will be fine, it's cattycorner to the NFL stadium here. And the Tilted Kilt will do fine, it's in the party district area near the stadiums also, it'll do JUST fine. I really would like to return and say how awesome they have become. I really do.