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Started by Scarlett, June 23, 2008, 02:24:23 PM

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I just looked at the Coopers Lake calendar and noticed that the dates for the Fairy Festival scheduled for this weekend 6/28 & 29 have been removed.  I followed up with a phone call and asked if it was still happening and was told it was "pretty much not."  A few themed encampments might be be present, but might not.

So there you have it.  No Fairy Festival.   Save your money for opening day at Great Lakes
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Well...I am disappointed, but look on the bright side....more funds for GLMF!

Professor M

I have to admit, we had pretty much decided not to go this year.  I do hope the Fairie Fest is able to reorganize and come back next year better than ever.

See you all in Avaloch, then Morelandshire!
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Sad news!  We had pretty much decided it was a non-event any way....however, we were looking forward to reuniting with some dear friends, and any excuse to wear our garb!

Scarlet, thanks for keeping everyone in the loop.  We'd feel pretty silly if we showed up in garb and no one is even there!  I do know a couple of little girls who will be saddened by this news.
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Yes, we were expecting it to be not very good with the encampment idea and no performers, but were looking forward to an opportunity to garb up and cavort with fellow faire folk. 

I'll see you the following weekend in Avaloch Barb! 
Mimosas - They're Not Just For Breakfast Anymore
SWG, Chapter 1, co-founding member


Very disappointing...but it will just make our reunion at GLMF that much sweeter
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YES, GLMF sounds like it's going to be overwhelming!  I'm looking forward to meeting all the "invaders" I have not met personally before. 

And new garb!  NEW GARB!!  Can't wait to show it off, and see everyone else's!
You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.

Baroness de Vale

Bummer! Thanks for the update Scarlett! Maybe I can try to get tickets for opening weekend at GLMF and make it up to some disappointed little girls. But the bright side would be 2 visits to GLMF instead of just one. Thanks again for staying on top of this!


Whee I guess it is off to Shopping in Indiana then. We will see everyone at Morlandshire!
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Greetings Fairy Friends!  Hope you are all well!  Yes, the encampment idea REALLY did not seem festive enough to attract the twinkle of the fae ~ BUT there is a wonderous grand opening happening this weekend of one of the local vendors!  Minerva and her lovely daughter were vendors at the fairy fest and will be new comers for Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival 2008 (look for a new cottage next to Sarah the dollmaker and across from the wood wizard!) anyway (I digress...) 
GRAND OPENING OF ENCHANTED WINGS STORE IS THIS WEEKEND IN DORMONT!  ( for more info) Terry Griffith is playing for a few hours Friday and Saturday.  I am sure there will be way too much fun and plenty to see!  King Charming and I will be making an appearance with the kind assistance of Captain Fortune on Saturday.  And then...we will see YOU the following weekend at GLMF!  LET THE SEASON BEGIN!
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