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Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac Check-In

Started by lordwriothsley, August 30, 2012, 11:17:43 AM

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I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing right now after the storm that made landfall, so if you could all let me know your alright I would greatly appreciate it.
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According to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival Facebook page everyone is ok however the site is flooded under several feet of water.


from face book.
As everyone knows, hurricane Issac has caused massive damage to people in Louisiana. It has also caused substantial damage to both the Renaissance Festival site and merchants who have invested in our festival. We have had a lot of folks that have asked if there is any way they can help the festival and the merchants that have lost equipment that they stored in their booths. We have set up a PayPal
account at so people can make donations to help us make things a bit better for people who need to replace equipment or make repairs so their booth can be ready for opening this fall. After we finish our damage assessment we will provide applications for assistance to merchants with substantial damages so they can request assistance if needed. We will also make applications available to our local cast and crew who may be in need of immediate assistance. Once the site dries out we will be posting more information on cleanup days to help get the site ready for this fall. We have more than eight weeks before we open, and that is enough time to take care of everything just in time for opening!

Flood@LARF.ORG is the PayPal account set up for donations. Thank you for your support!

Also they have scheduled a clean up day for Sept 15.
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Everything is ok, we do have a donation page set up to help us
We did lose one very important person. Owain Phyfe passed away
On Sept 15th there is going to be a clean up day where everyone can come help