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Albannach -- incredibly Wow!

Started by Lady Renee Buchanan, June 24, 2008, 02:07:13 PM

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Lady Renee Buchanan

We went to Jubilee College Olde English Faire in Brimfield, Illinois on Sunday, June 22nd.  They had a group from Scotland called Albannach.  They were amazing.  We watched all 3 of their shows.  People were going to the stage an hour before hand just to get a seat.  The last show, I sat on the ground because there were no seats and people standing behind the seats were 4 deep.

The war drums and the bagpipe were incredible.  The energy the group put out was unbelievable.  I understand they do several faires in the U.S.  Definitely, if you get the chance to see them, don't miss them!  They are great!
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Lady Amy of York

 I love Albannach.  I have had the pleasure to see them a few times in concert  and they are excellent.    They had a new cd  out last year, i think it was, and it is very good !  They have been to the Pennslyvannia  Renaissance faire  several times in the past. Don't know  if they are coming this  year.
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Phillip McGuinness

They were at Jubilee? Excellent.

Albannach spent a weekend at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival recently, and they were, as you say, amazing. They are enthralling.
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They are an awesome group.  I've seen them in TN before (and I think they used to have a different name but I can't think of what it was).  They were just up at the KYHRF.  I have one of their CDs loaded on my computer and listen to it often!


ooh.. cool!

If you're into "high energy with pipes and drums (and other stuff)" - also check out Hunting MacLeod and Rathkeltair - both do some AWESOME "can't stay in your seat" sets!  ;D


Some of them are from Clanna au Drumma, We made sure to catch them at Kentucky RF a couple weeks ago.

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Yup, I have seen these guys several times ...

Celtic Fling this weekend ... yeah!

Also at NCRF & MDRF
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I saw them at MDRF this past year (I think they're coming back! Woo!) and I thought they were awesome and they always had a huge crowd surrounding their stage (wouldn't surprise me if they got a bigger stage this year). I walked away with two of their CDs. :D

Joyce "Delfinia DuSwallow" Howard

I saw them last year for the first time and **WOW** , They are fantastic and YES we get them for two weekends at MDRF this season,can't wait. :o
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Robert Phoenix

They just released a new live album.  Celtic plays alot of their stuff on their celtic rock station.

Amras Elfwine

Their website...

...streams their music 24/7.
Plus, they will be back at MDRF this weekend. If you must sit, get to the stage (The Blackfriar, formerly known as The Jury Rig) early...but, they are best experienced standing down by the side of the stage, where there is room to DANCE!


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In case anyone is interested, they will be at Tir Na Nog in Raleigh on Wednesday night (the 8th). Tickets at the door are $10.
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I've heard from so many people that they put on an amazing show.  I hope I'm lucky enough to see them someday!
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Lady Renee Buchanan

I can't believe tickets to their show cost $10.  They are so much better than others that charge a lot more.

Lucky to all of you who get to hear them.  Once was not enough for us, and we are hoping they come to faires near to us in the future.
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I have worked with them several times, and they are all great guys (and girl - Sorry Jacqui). They definitely stir the blood, and are well worth whatever it costs to see them.
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