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New Gig at a New Place

Started by Terry Griffith, June 24, 2008, 03:31:36 PM

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Terry Griffith

Since we're not going to be gathering at the Fairy Festival this weekend, here's another place to go.  I just got a booking at a new place downtown.  It is the Courthouse Tavern, 310 Forbes Avenue,  I'll be playing Friday, June 27th from 7 - 11.  Parking is free on the streets after 6.

It lookes and sounds like a neat place with many different beers to choose from and great menu. 

Since this is my first night there, I could really use a good crowd.  If I can draw a crowd, I'll get more nights there.

Hope some of you can make it.

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Professor M

Wow Terry, that's in an interesting area.  The buildings have a lot of history, and the area is being revitalized.  I've been reading up on this place, so now I'm curious to check it out.  I can't promise anything, but I'm gonna try to make it there.
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Terry Griffith

The place used to be the Chart Room and was one of the last establishments to close in the Forbes and Fifth area.  Now it's one of the first to come back in the refurbishing of that area.  It has been reviewed in the PG by Munch and got raves as a restaurant/bar.

It still has the feel of a diner but the counter is now the bar.  An interesting building with a history and now we are forming another chapter in it's long story.
"There's a unicorn that's hangin' in what's known as father's room......"


Wish I could make it--I'll be picking up my daughter from camp.

Hope you have a good turnout, Terry!
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Hey Terry, Haven't been online for a few days, just saw the notice. Will see what we can do with our crew...Randy is coming in to town for a few days too, maybe we can talk him in to coming along.
That first night is always a tough one, and looks like you are up against the Tartan Terrors being in town too. See you Friday, unless there is some emergency, we will be there.

Terry Griffith

Boy, you just can't beat friends.  Well, I guess you could if they were into that kind of thing but I knew I could count on you guys.  I did see that the Tartan Terrors were going to be somewhere in the area.  I wish they had checked with me  :>)  ::)

I know some of my frans are real T.T. heads and I can't blame anyone for not wanting to miss one of their rare appearances in town.  Especially to come to a place they have never been before.  If I don't draw a crowd on Friday, I'll just not charge them and maybe I'll get another chance at a future date.

"There's a unicorn that's hangin' in what's known as father's room......"


Thanks Terry, for another awesome night out...with good friends, good music, and good wine! It is a nice little place....I hope we helped get over the "first night flutters", and thanks so much for the invite. My friends, it was good to see you, and nice to meet a few new faces....we are quite contagious! Hope to meet again soon, at one pub or two! Slainte! Mumsies
PS. Countess, you were missed...take care!


Sorry I wasn't able to make it.  Yesterday was my son's last day of school and I was busy chaperoning a group of boys swimming.  I hope you drew a nice sized crowd.
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Hey Terry -  as usual - it was a wonderful evening!!  Have a great time at EW this afternoon!!