Author Topic: The Faire has lost a talented and vibrant soul, please read about Mitt Lenix.  (Read 7444 times)

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Not sure if the news of Mitt's death has been posted, but I wanted to share.
I am not close to Mitt or anyone involved, but I feel the news must be passed along...
My thoughts and prayers are with all involved.

A memorial fund has been started here:

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It's terrible that a random act of violence can cause so much grief and loss.


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  Very sad...Terrible when the best and brightest among us are taken too soon.

I'm not familiar with the acts a t GRF, but I know we have a few martial arts demonstration groups here that also work the faire-Which one was this young man with?
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Mitt was a very charismatic young man with an infectious smile.   My heart truly goes out to his friends and family...   His team partner must be devastated.   It is reported that the man has been arrested to shot him, and I am glad for that but it still seems we were cheated out of a life worth sharing.     My sincere condolences to those who knew Mitt.

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Mitt was a member of the act BREAKING POINT. Not sure if they traveled, but I do know he lived locally.

Her is their FB page.
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Breaking Point is a local act. They may have done some traveling but as far as I know they never really were part of a circuit. Their show was an acrobatic/comedy/skit show, and Mitt and Judah worked so well with one another that you couldn't help but smile and have a good time. They just had so much fun up on stage, interacting with each other and their audience.

Not to pull back the veil too much, but at the end of most days many of the actors in the street cast get together backstage to allow traffic to filter out of the festival. We spend that time talking about what happened that day and sharing jokes and stories. While there are many stage acts that work with the festival, Mitt and Judah were the only two stage performers who regularly visited with the street cast. Most of the stage acts have their own post-show rituals and habits separate from the rest of us.

But Mitt and Judah would come back and hang out with us. We'd tell jokes to each other. Mitt always had a smile on his face and the spark of mischief in his eyes. That's when you knew that the Mitt up on stage wasn't an act -- that was Mitt. He was a vibrant, goofy, humble and insanely talented man. You'd never think he was a world record holder in martial arts competitions because he wasn't the type of person to talk about his own accomplishments. Instead he'd crack an incredibly goofy joke or make an atrocious pun. Considering that's my sense of humor, I appreciated the hell out of him.

Our festival has suffered a tremendous loss. But moreover, the world has suffered a loss. Mitt was kind, funny, dedicated and friendly. A medic in the National Guard. A pre-med student. A martial arts instructor. A stage performer. He reveled in bringing joy to others. If there were more people like him around, it would be a far merrier world.

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I offer my condolences... I wish I had been given the opportunity to know him.
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