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Order of Epona Medieval and Fantasy Festival

Started by bardkin, August 10, 2012, 05:17:45 PM

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This second year festival is growing by leaps and bounds! we have several new additions to this years event that is gonna challenge us to do better next year! Please visit for all the latest information and contacts.

Feel free to look through here for exact details as requested by the site administrators.

Faire Name:   Order of Epona Medieval and Fantasy Festival 
State:   Colorado
Faire Start Date (2012-09-14):   
Faire End Date (2012-09-16):   

Management Business Name:  Kinetic Mojo llc
Management Fax:   

Event Web
Event City:Ft Collins, Colorado
Event Street Address:7300 N CR 15
Event Zip:   80524
Directions to the Event: Take the Wellington Exit West and around the north to hit CR 15. then south.
Event Start Time:10:00 AM
Event End Time:10:00 PM
General Contact Name: Ken Rowe 
General Contact Number:720.290.1280
Craft Contact Name:Chuck Ryan
Craft Contact Number:303.842.9476
Performer Contact Name:Ken Rowe
Performer Contact Number:   720.290.1280

Number of Booths:20
Number of Stages:2
Annual Attendance:1000+
Admission Prices: Adult: $10.00 Children:8:00
Year Established:2011
Description of Your Faire: See fair damsels rescued by brave heroes.

Listen to enchanting music whilst being enthralled by yon fairies

Satisfy ye barbarian hunger and thirst on victuals of yesteryear.

Seek and find that special treasure among the Shoppe's in our black market.

Frolic with the fuzzy critters in Epona's Creature Castle, ride the noble steeds of Knights.
Perhaps, if ye believe ye may find a dragon or unicorn around the bend.
Come ye to "Epona's Medieval & Fantasy Festival" where good always triumphs over evil.

Theme: Example: Medieval and Fantasy Festival- from Knights in Shining armor to Star Wars.
Village Name:Epona
Village Year:   all
Total Days Faire Runs: 3 days   
Costume Policy: non specific. It is a medieval and Fantasy festival. no blue jeans and t-shirts please.(Except Patrons, of course!)
Camping: Onsite
Picnic: Onsite Saturday evening only
Alcohol Policy:we have it, come get it!

Animal Policy:no animals other than for performancees
Nearby Cities:   Ft Collins, Colorado
Nearby States:   Wyoming
Directions Link: