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Countess of Phoenix and Graybear

Started by CountessofPhoenix, June 26, 2008, 03:34:12 PM

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The Legend of the Phoenix and Graybear
Chapter 1

Spring often brings with it furious storms, with thunder and lightening that shakes the very cornerstones of the manor house. On such a night such as this a small babe was born. At the exact moment of her birth a lightening bolt struck the very corner of the house where the birthing was taking place, and her first cries were silenced by the clap of thunder that followed and seemed to echo on for several minutes. A birthmark appearing much like a burn marred her tiny leg. The midwife looked at the new born lying so quietly with her dark eyes seemingly taking in all that surrounded her. "I fear that these events portend a greatness that no mere lass can handle." The midwife whispers to the mother. "Born under the sign of the bull, ruled by the goddess Venus, and with Heaven's own fire flowing through her veins, such a one as this will have a life of tragedy and triumph, until she comes to find her place in this world."
And so it came was, as this girl child grew that it seemed to those around her, that she had no fear of those things in the darkness. Able to see in the dark when others could not, her loving parents did not know where these things and her courage came from. The Celtic blood that she inherited from her father's ancestors fueled her adventuresome spirit. Many a time her mother came upon her speaking to the empty air, and when asked who she was talking to, she appeared confused. How was it that no one else could see the tiny creatures of the meadows and forest and yet she could? Could not they hear the music of the fairies on the gentle wind? Did not they notice the dragons flight as their mighty wings briefly blotted out the sun? Realizing at an early age that it was better to not speak of these things she grew up alone, the only one in her family who was different.
As she grew to adolescence many a suitor came to seek her hand. One of the Skinner Clan came. Renowned hunters, their skills with knife and bow had risen them within the army in service to the king. The eldest son came to see the lovely maiden. Finding in themselves many common interests, a great friendship was begun, but his suit for her hand was denied in favor of another.
There passes many years with no word being shared by the lady and her champion. Taught by her mother the proper arts of the chatelaine, she clothed her children in garments wrought by her own hands. Stories she told them of her great champion who once befriended her, and they grew up knowing him as well as if he were there in the frozen plains with them. Without the ocean breezes and meadows of her childhood the lady mourned a life that seemed far too far away. Finally after several years the man her parents had chosen for her, decided she no longer fulfilled his needs for a partner. Casting her and their children out with naught but their few belongings he chose another to take her place.
Gathering her daughters to her, she sent the eldest child, a son, to his grandparents, to learn the skills he needed as heir to his father's estate. The lady and her daughters journeyed from the frozen plains to the home of her birth. Still far away from the ocean which gave her strength the more moderate climate restored to her some of her missing vigor. There she found means to communicate with her champion, but over the years he had wed another and had his own family now to raise.
Distraught the lady turned to the Black Knight whom she had met one day on the lists. Promising to treat the lady with love and respect, she wed with him. It wasn't until much later after the birth of her daughter Rachael that she realized his heart was as cold and black as his armor. With no one to help her, alone in his clutches ,she seeks a way to provide safety for herself and her three daughters. Worried for her fate and that of her children she begins searching for those men deserving of her oldest daughters's love. Many willing knights come forward and two are chosen to provide for her precious girls. Now there is only the lady and her small child, surely someone would offer their protection for such as these.
After many years, the great champion Graybear, arises and offers sanctuary to the lady and her beloved child. Plans to escape the Black Knight are made, but in the midst of escape he grabs the child and refuses to allow her safe passage with her mother. Banishing the lady from his lands, mother and daughter part tearfully, vowing to someday be together again. Wrapping the lady in his tender embrace Graybear takes her to his home. For far too many years their feelings have been denied, and now even in a time of immense tragedy, a great triumph is begun.
Surrounded by love and secure in his arms the lady begins to rediscover her magical abilities. From the ocean waves she finds an inner peace. The storms that rage around her fill her with an energy the likes of which she has never known, and the fairies and wizards teach her a wisdom she needs to face all of life's travails. The birthmark on her leg, so resembling a touch by a godlike finger reminds her that heaven's own fire flows in her veins. The ashes of her former life now just past memories. From these ashes and in triumph she rises clothed in garments flashing like diamonds. A small circlet, symbol of her title, adorns her hair now kissed by the silver of the moon. Her green eyes reflect the forest whereby Graybear holds court. As the leader over these many lands he gives his title to his true mate the Phoenix. Many women hath he known, but none like her, and she has never known the joy and safety which he provides her.
An invitation goes out for a gathering of like minded individuals. Joining together they will seek to rid their country of the vermin which corrupt their fellow man. The first to join is Kilber of the Castle K'zar. He and his minions have long sought a way to remove the plague of parasites that feed on the good people. The Lord of Chaos follows closely behind for where chaos reigns a fortune can be made. Graybear and his Countess of Phoenix join in to fight the scourge. Bearing the skills of her favorite Stealthpaw unites with the band of great warriors. Others join as the army crosses the plague ridden earth. Taarna and Coppersage, armed with bows and swords, call to those creatures great and small that this is the heroic battle for all time. Fergus, with his mighty metal steed does breach the dam holding back the floods that have threatened the valiant army........
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