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Can we start talking about 2013?

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Georgia Pirate:
Ive only been in the ATL area for a little over 2 years and have never been to GARF. I can not WAIT until the next one in 2013! What is your favorite part of GARF? What does one who has never been to GARF need not miss in 2013?

my least fav part of garf is heat stroke... :P

I will happily talk with you about 2013, as we re-located here to Savannah about two months ago. Sadly, I have not yet been to GARF either.

Is there camping? (That's always the first question I ask.)

iain robb:
My wife and I went -- finally -- for the first time this year, and we are most definitely going back. That's saying the eight-hour drive from Central Florida is worth it.

There is no camping on site. Perhaps there are campgrounds nearby. We stayed in a hotel SOUTH of the faire, which got us out of a bit of traffic.

Lady Christina de Pond:
there aren't any camp sites close by that i know of. And i've been attending for a while infact this year is the first year i've missed it since i started going. Yeah it can be hot thats Georgia though. I suggest that you see the joust atleast once and the king's court all the shows are great and wonderful to take in the shopping is good too. I should be there in 2013 i plan to be back


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