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Girdles ?

Started by Tygrkat, July 25, 2008, 12:32:31 PM

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I wasn't sure if this was the most approporaite place for this post, but I figured since making a girdle was more along the lines of jewelry-making, it'd be closer to correct than the sewing board...

I'm constructing a girdle to wear with the gown I have on in my profile pic {for my wedding - squeee! :P}, and I was wondering what the best material would be to string the pearls with?

I have a ton of old faux pearls and some glass beads to string for the part that goes around the waist, and a ring for the center, with an old re-consrtucted neclkace for the part that hangs in the front {sorry, I don't know the technical terms, and I'll post pics later tonight - I'm sure that will be more helpful  :) }, what I'm unsure of is what to use to construct the strand to go around the waist.

I was thinking maybe super high-test fishing line - like for marlon or even shark fishing? I'm not planning to hang anything heavier than a feather fan from it, but I need it to be strong enough to hold the dangly bit as well as stay together while I frolic about the Faire  ;)

Any suggestions would be most helpfu!

Gramercy!  ;D
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Depending on the size of the holes in your beads, beading wire might work. Its actually a fery fine steel calbe, about 24 guage if I remember right. Takes a little more getting used to working with, as your have to use crimps on the ends, and be sure to cover the tails, but its very stong. You should be able to find it at Michaels, or maybe even Walmart. Usually comes in a small spool.
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There is an extensive thread in sewing where you might find some answers.
Jewelry Components

They discuss girdles as well as bodice jewelry.
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Thank you, Hoowil! I will look into that.  My fiance's grandmother works at A.C. Moore {similar to Michael's} so I can ask her to check for me. Would I need a special tool for crimping the ends, and what would you recommend for wrapping the tails?

Many thanks to Thee as well, DonaCatalina  :) The link was most helpful, and I seem to recall seeing it before, but it alluded me when I looked for it as a reference point.

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I usually try to get a bead to cover the tails, after cutting them as short as I can. Takes some practice, and I'm personally terrible at it. One of those little details I try to make my wife do (she's got a lot more beading experience). I usually just use a pair of round pliers. Heard them called beading pliers, or jewelers pliers. They loo like little needle nose pliers, but the jaws are little cones. They'll not mar whatever you use them on, and get to a pretty fine point, so they can get into a project withough threatening the beadwork around the crimp.
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I picked up some crimp beads, jump rings, and beading wire last night, and have time to work on my various projects today  ;D so we'll see what happens! I am hoping that just a regular pair of needle-nose pliers will be sufficient as I didn't really have the extra to spend on the jewelry-specific ones. If I decide that I like it and am going to be making girdles and jewelry more often I'll definitely invest in the proper tools, but for now I'll just use what we've got here - and I will definitely post pictures of the finished project  :)
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