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2013 Opening Day meetup

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iain robb:
Alright folks ... it's getting close. Please check in if you're planning to be at opening weekend at Deerfield Beach, Feb. 9 and/or 10.

And pipe up if you have any ideas for a good meet-up time and place, or times and places.

I'm planning to be there Saturday and Sunday, with my wife, Julie.

Toua Taru:
I'll be there on Saturday with my boyfriend Sam.

Not sure of the time or place -- any, I think shall be good for us.  :D

iain robb:
Well, seeing as I tend to be obscenely early everywhere I go, I will definitely be at the gate before cannon, so if anyone else tends to be early, we can meet up there and then.

For those less prone to being up early, shall we say 1 p.m. at the Good Night Pub? Near the pub itself, at the back of the audience area for the stage.

When I know more about the weather, I'll pop back and post what I'll be wearing to make it easier to find me. I might go with the BRIGHT RED outfit for that reason, though it's a bit warm if the temperatures aren't low enough.

25 days to go, and I get to spend 15 of them in Thailand (plus 4 days of traveling).

I think the opportunity to get to meet you fine folk will get us out there opening weekend.
Unfortunately Saturday we have a charity 5K run in Jupiter (its a yearly tradition)
so most likely we will be there Sunday.
i will keep you posted

iain robb:
Well, our plans are still relatively flexible, so we'll try to plan on Sunday as well.

I still have two more days in Thailand ... I may have to go back for that lovely silk that I know costs a bundle ...


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