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2013 Opening Day meetup

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You are in Thailand???
ohhh I am so jealous, I would come home with suitcases full of fabrics and findings.

Hey if you see a fabric called Larissa- in mirrored gold pm me. I need it for a project and they only sell it in asia.

iain robb:
Oh, gosh, sorry, I just saw your post, and I'm in the Hong Kong airport awaiting our flight to that hellhole they call an airport in New York, then back to Orlando. I got buttons, but I passed on the fabrics. There was one nice brocade that I was pretty sure was pure silk, but even if it's marked silk you still can't be sure you're really getting silk.

Very true,
no worries
I look forward to seeing what you bought as I am sure garb was on your mind :)

Toua Taru:
 :'( I'm bummed out. We won't be able to make opening weekend due to work scheduling conflicts. We've rescheduled for the 23rd.

Was looking forward to meeting you all, but perhaps next season.

Enjoy opening day!

iain robb:
OK, we have rejiggered our schedule and will be there opening Sunday. I sure hope you and your beloved make it, Auryn.

We're always early, so if anyone wants to catch up with us we'll be at the gate before opening canon. My wife will be in a blue velvet gown, probably with red beaded sleeves, and I'll likely be in a red-and-black kilt with a black doublet.

If not before opening cannon, we'll make an effort to be near the path at the Good Night Stage/Pub about noon.


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