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dress up?

Started by fairylady, May 04, 2013, 08:09:11 AM

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do many of the guests at VARF dress up?  I usually go to MD fest.......


I've not yet been to this one, but they were in full dress rehearsal yesterday and the court costumes are gorgeous!  :)
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Quite a few of us will be in full garb, and you'll recognize many faces from MDRF there.


Lots of gorgeous garb this past weekend! There were also the occasional fae, gypsy, and even a steampunk fellow. My booth is down in the woods, and seeing all those lovely characters wander by through the woods is magical. :)
"Be yourself, everyone else is taken." - Oscar Wilde

Amras Elfwine

Fairlady, I make it to VARF on occasion...I have many friends who are regular VARF patrons, playtrons and cast members...if you go to VARF, go garbed. You will not be alone, I assure you. Cheers!
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