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Oklahoma City big tornado today

Started by Lady Renee Buchanan, May 20, 2013, 05:41:14 PM

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Lady Renee Buchanan

I had a late lunch today & went into the lounge at around 2:45 pm central time.  The breaking news was of a 1 mile wide tornado hitting the Oklahoma City area.  It was horrendous.

Would all the Rf members from there, please check in and let us know if you and your families are ok.  It would be terrible if the faire sustained damage, but it's more important that people are safe.

Worried about all of you!
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I'm in TX, but I did see a check in from Rani Zamirah, they're safe & sound
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2 miles wide and at least 51 dead.

All our OK family & friends are safe & while they have some house damage, those can be repaired. We are feeling quite blessed.


My Mom has a cousin and his family who live in Moore, OK.  They're all safe, but they did have some home and vehicle damage from today's tornado.

Take Care,
David Baldock
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