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Rum and party ideas.

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 In  December I will be hosting my annual Murder  Mystery  Party.  This year my theme is a  Pirates.   I'd like opinions on the best  Rum for a pirate.  I  usually  drink  Captain  Morgan,  spiced.   Any  suggestions?  Or ideas?  I already have quite a bit of pirate decorations  to add  to the ambiance.

Here's a suggestion:  http://www.krakenrum.com/

I prefer sailor Jerry.  It's a milder spiced rum that I think many people will enjoy vs a heavy rum that tends to turn people off.

 Good luck with your party. Sounds like fun! 

Gauwyn of Bracknell:

--- Quote from: RenStarr on September 03, 2013, 08:25:13 PM ---Here's a suggestion:  http://www.krakenrum.com/

--- End quote ---

I second this one!

Bob of the Lake:
I recently had my first taste of Pyrat Rum and really liked it. Spiced and a little sweet but not overdone at all--very tasty!


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