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VIP Parking? Early Parking? Camping? Help Please!


VIP Parking?  Is this available only to season passholders?  I remember visiting in the past you could pay to park there. 

Early Parking?  Does anyone know if the parking lot is open early morning? My sister and I are coming from out of town and may arrive in the early morning hours and were wondering if we could just park in the lot and do our makeup, dress and all other sorts of girlie things we are able to do in a car. 

Camping?  Another option is for us to drive in using my small Toyota mini- RV which is only 18' long. Can this be parked in the general lot?  I know we can't stay overnight but again-it would be nice to arrive early and dress, tailgate, etc...

Thank you all for your help!!! :o

Pharmar Greybeard & Maria:
I wish I could help you.  There is a charge for VIP parking. I have a handicap placard which lets me into the VIP lot free. I have arrived an hour early and had no problem parking in the lot.
You may want to call  the faire at 877-896-5544.  Good luck. Hope to see you.

Thank you for the reply!  I will call the faire (why didn't I think of that??) 


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