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Keith's first Visit to PGRF

Started by TiaLD77, September 28, 2013, 01:09:52 PM

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I missed Faire last year due to gettign sick on the weekend we were to take the new Wee one to faire. We made it down this past weekend and had a blast.

There has been grumbling from the Man that "Its Always the same shows, There is nothign new grumble grumble grumble" So I wasnt sure if we would make it this year or not. As the cool mornings got that sharp smell, and the sweet scent of the dried grasses started to take to the wind I started having major cravings for a dose of faire. I finally manged to convince the man to go along with us.

Having an 18th month old in tow could have been an arduous trip it turned out to be a joy. We got a late start and got to Gate about 1, just in time to catch Joust. Keith was entranced by the "Big Doggies" aka Horses Loved every one cheerign and clapping and lots of folks snapping his picture due to his adorable shirt and cape. (The only things that still fit from last years intended visit)

he enjoyed the music of the Plunder Dogs and Cast In Bronze. He even hepled Daddy devour a turkey leg!

As we headed out to get to the car the most magical part of the day happened. The Fairy from Twigs booth was blowign gigantic bubbles. Keith loves bubbles, he waited and watched the other kids taking turns popping them and then took a turn him self, the laugh and grin on his face was pure joy. After wards we went up to the fairy and thanked her, she seemed surprised to hear his very clear "Tanku" and gave him a lovely Fairy stone.

As we escorted a very tired wee one to the car, The Man says....."I guess we will have to come back next year" :D

Pics to follow!
I want to play with your head like a drunk kitten:)


the link to my gallery of photos, for somereason i cant get the images to imbed..
I want to play with your head like a drunk kitten:)