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First LaRF

Started by tiberiusflynn, November 06, 2013, 02:01:42 AM

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Had a mate invite me out for All Hallow's Eve which also included opening weekend of LaRF.
WOW. What a faire! I've been to many faire's ranging from the pathetic Las Vegas Faire to TRF. LaRF has so far been probably the most enjoyable to date!!
Not only was there "living history" areas, there were good shows, and great people all around.
A great mix of what a Ren Faire should be about that a lot of the larger more commercial faire's lose.
I had a remarkably intimate experience and met many many people.
On top of that, the camping fire was amazing and filled with good fun and merriment.
Thanks to all for making Tiberius feel at home.
Especial thanks to Halfpenny Jack, Barley Smythe, Robin Grattide, Spike El Pirata, and Buccaneer Rick.

Tiberius Flynn


I love LaRF... it is my favorite by far.  Had a fun first weekend; will be back in a couple weeks for Celtic Weekend!


How did you like Celtic weekend, we had a record crowd on Saturday
Also what did you like about the living history area? We are always looking for ways to improve it


Quote from: RenFestHQ on November 21, 2013, 11:40:14 AM
How did you like Celtic weekend, we had a record crowd on Saturday
Also what did you like about the living history area? We are always looking for ways to improve it

HOLY COW, that was a lot of people!  I kept saying all day, "Man, I've never seen this many people!"  That was the first time I'd noticed major lines at the food vendors (but it was handled great, and everyone was in good spirits, even with the long lines). 

Celtic weekend, we didn't spend much time at the living history center, but I did on pirate weekend.  I love the new kitchen/ovens.  And one thing I really noticed/liked this year (though I'm sure it has always been there), was at the spinning section, the displays of various plants/animal fibers.  I actually sat there and went through them all, feeling the differences.  I would have loved to have seen the flax demonstration.  We keep bringing new people, who want to see everything, so I don't get as much time to spend just lazily enjoying my favorite sections.  Due to vacations and holidays, we are only able to go three weekends this year.  I think next year, I am going to start going by myself on the days we don't bring new folks.  We're also looking at getting married there next year, so we can bring in all of our people all at once! 


Really had a grand time. Just came back from TRF and though I had a great time, it still didn't compare to LaRF. But they are two different animals.

Had my photo taken alot at LaRF and was told it would be on the fb page but so far nothing... oh well. Tis the breaks.

Can't wait to go back next year!


Gratz on getting married. I am getting married there on the 7th. No I will not be wearing my jesters outfit, though the egg might show up. If you need any help with the wedding let me know, I can probably point you in the right direction or if you are looking for something special I can tell you who to see, like getting a carriage ride after or possibly having the pipers play the bride in. You can also have your wedding heckled by the green man, Ours if going to be the first wedding in 10 years he has been given permission to heckle

The facebook page sometimes takes a while to get updated, it comes down to who was taking the photos. There are several people we have taking photos

The spinning section is somewhat new. We did expand on it this year and plan on expanding further. Right now there are 2 spinners, a weaver, and 1 other person who can spin but is having fun playing a noble this year (she is the lady in black). We use to have an old weaving area, but that got turned into a tailor shop
Is there any demos you would like to see, we are always looking for ideas