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Rain for weekend?

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I'm looking at the forecast for Manheim.  Is it to rain on Saturday 10/12/13?


Bob of the Lake:
It looks like it might. Currently, (4:00 p.m. Thurs.) it's a 40 percent chance of showers for 10/12. I'll be going on Saturday, 10/19.

Gina & Bob- The PaRenFaire (dot)Netters site uses the following weather reports to check the weather for the Faire:

Gina- Is Saturday the only day you can visit or is Sunday a possibility? If Saturday is a wash, I may visit on Sunday..........  Felix the Bubble Wright

P.S.- Early this morning this forecast was for 50% of showers. Just looked again (9:40PM) and chance of showers is down to only 20%. Looks like the wet weather may blow out by Saturday. Huzzah!

Thank you both for responding.  I will only be there on Saturday, drive home on Sunday.   I don't care if it rains, just want to be prepared with washable garb.


Gina... t'was good to meet you. Glad Friday's horrible weather turned to a glorious day on Saturday.  ;D ;D ;D


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