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Ren Faire weather for this weekend

Started by Lord William, October 22, 2013, 03:14:54 PM

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Lord William

Thought I'd give a weather report for those coming in for the Faire:

Saturday: High of 61 low of 42 mostly clear

Sunday: High of 67 low of 42 party cloudy in the a.m.

Friday the low is going to be down to 27, so we're having our first freeze.

Might want to make sure you have some warm clothes for at least part of each day.


Wish I had a cloak! I'm not used to cold-weather ren faire. My home faire of Scarborough is always boiling in April and May.
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Turned out to be great weather. It was a little cold early saturday but It warmed up quickly. It rained towards the end of the day sunday.
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