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Closing Weekend


:( Alas, the final weekend of Faire is upon us. I will be there on Saturday with the RBM. The weather report is calling for crisp autumn temperatures and partly sunny. Anyone else going?  :'(

Had a great day on Saturday. It started out a bit cold but warmed up to the mid-50's. The Finale in Song was just right for a warm cloak.

...and now for the rest of the story...

This past weekend was the last one for the PaRenFaire. I drove up on Friday and stayed overnight in Denver, PA on Route 272 at the RED ROOF INN, which is one exit on the PA Turnpike away from the Faire. Got up on Saturday and it was only a 20 minute ride to the Faire. Had a great closing day and the Finale in Song was spectacular. Drove the 20 minutes back to the hotel and collapsed into bed. At 11:30 PM came a tapping at my chamber door. Below find the complaint I made to Domino's Pizza.
On 10/26/13 11:30  PM pizza guy knocks on my door at Red Roof Inn in Denver, PA with order. Did not place an order. I had been asleep for over an hour after a long day at the PaRenFaire. Next morning asked at front desk- they said driver discovered order was for same room # at RED CARPET INN, which is one hotel away. I called closest Domino's when I got home and they confirmed there was an order for the Red Carpet Inn in Denver, PA. Driver did not report he had gone to the wrong hotel. You need to make sure that your drivers can read and use a GPS unit. Waking people up in the middle of the night tends to make them very grumpy in the morning... and throughout the day! >:( >:( >:(

Not to mention the hungry people at the Red Carpet Inn waiting for a hot pizza!!  Yes, I'd have been sleeping too.


Rowan MacD:
 Since I am routinely in bed by 10:30, that would make me a bit huffy too.
  There really should be a curfew for take out deliveries after, say, about 9pm or so. 
  Even if it's not your room, someone knocking on a door in your hallway will wake most folks up.
  The worst hotel stay I ever had involved a high school sports team on my floor.  As soon as the adults were in bed,  there was someone knocking on a door somewhere on our floor about every 10 minutes until about 2am.  They even knocked on our door.  Seriously sucked.

I know who that pizza was for. I can't wait to tell him!


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